Friday, April 29, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess that I give my cat kisses. He's like my little baby. He's just so cute that I can't help myself. Of course, when he responds by biting my lip, chin, nose, etc. then it's not so cute.

I confess that we have lived in this apartment for over a month and there are still boxes of picture frames from OUR WEDDING that we have not put pictures in or hung up. Our walls are so bare and it drives me crazy but I SUCK at decorating :( We also have boxes and lots of unpacked things in the spare bedroom closet...and I don't think they will get touched until we move again. Sad day.

I confess that we have a litter box in our spare bathroom. Long story. It should have been left at Jake's parent's house and then it was in my trunk and there's random little pieces of litter and left over cat waste in it and it was stinking up my car BAD so Jake moved it to the bathroom....Gross? Yes. We have no idea what to do with it though. And it could use a good cleaning.

I confess my kitchen could also use a good cleaning. Disaster area. That's what I get for making chili in a crock pot the same day that Jake decided to make chocolate chip cookies.

I confess that I keep telling myself I will control how much Easter candy I eat and then I end up eating about twice as much as I was going to let myself eat any given day. All that chocolate is sooooo tempting. Especially when the doctor told me to avoid chocolate and caffeine (not that I had gobs of it before).

I confess that I'm addicted to caffiene...which I never realized until I tried stopping to drink it. Yesterday was HORRIBLE. I had zero energy and I had an 8 hour day straight of classes and tutoring.  I got to my tutoring sessions and I was trying realllll hard not to fall asleep. I felt horrible :(

I confess that I'm uber excited for Hannah's family bridal shower this weekend but I'm nervous about doing her friends shower next weekend.  I feel like we haven't had that much to do yet which means next week should probably be crazy busy full of things to get ready but all I can think of is what food to buy. I'm horrible at planning parties :( I apologize to my future children for all the sucky horribly planned birthday parties you have.

I confess that I did just get done watching Royal Wedding highlights...yes I'm sick of hearing about it but that doesn't mean I'm not going to watch it. That's like every girl's dream right there.  She's also Catherine Elizabeth...and I'm Kathryn Elizabeth...just not the right one apparently.  But she was flawless! And her sister was looking absolutely gorgeous as well. But to be honest...I've always thought Prince Harry was cuter...sorry Will!

What confessions do you have?


Mary Cavalier said...

Wean yourself off the caffeine - you can't just stop altogether or you will crash. Cut back a little bit each day until you are down to none.

If you need ideas or anything for the shower - let me know - I have plenty. And future birthday parties for future kids - grandmas are good at that :-)

Katie said...

Yeah this weekend blew the caffeine thing...Hannah's dad bought us a 2-liter of Dr. Pepper and her grandma had a fridge full of Pepsi...haha.

I think we'll be good on the shower but I will definitely enlist your help in any future kid's birthday parties :)