Friday, April 8, 2011

Confession Friday

So we're going to try out this Confession Friday thing...

I confess that I just did Jillian Michael's 30 day shred for the first time in like....a year....and after showering I can now barely hold my arms up. And I need to be working on my research paper after I blog (yes my priorities are not really great...) but it kind of hurts to type. And we're supposed to be going to this park with HUGE rocks to hike around tomorrow (it's much more fun than it sounds) but I don't know if my body will physically cooperate tomorrow. Whoops.

I confess that Nigel sleeps on my pillow every night and it's COVERED in white cat fur. Like my red pillow is starting to turn white. But I just keep flipping the pillow over because we JUST washed our sheets and I don't want to throw them in again for one pillow case. Gross, I know.

I confess that usually every semester after I sign up for classes, I get really excited about the new classes I'm taking. They always sound really interesting to me even if I end up disliking them because it's school. This semester...none of my classes look remotely interesting...except aerobics. This is going to be bad :/

I confess that I need to clip my toenails...TMI?

I confess that both my eyes really hurt when I blink because of my contacts so I'm going to go take them out. 

Happy Friday everyone :)

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