Friday, July 29, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess that I saw Harry Potter last weekend and got a little teared up in a few parts. Especially the part with Snape (I'll try not to ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet).  Love stories like that just get me really emotional but then they also make me think of the greatest love story ever written...that Christ died for me when my sinful nature was undeserving and hateful towards Him. How amazing!

Speaking of movies...I confess that I kept hearing about this Captain America movie and I got pretty excited...until I realized I was confusing Captain America with Captain Planet. I have no idea who Captain America is. I really want to watch some reruns of Captain Planet though. :/ Embarrassing? Maybe.

I confess that I started writing confessions earlier this week just saving the post with intentions to go back through and edit them throughout the week when I thought of them....except I never came back to them so those are the 2 I got down this week...and now it's Friday and I can't think of any confessions.

I confess that I ate too much Taco Bell tonight. I feel sicky :(

I confess that after a year of marriage it is still hard for me to sleep if I'm away from my husband :(  I know a lot of people seem to get over that pretty quickly but I guess I'm just too used to being in the same bed as him. I miss cuddling at night :(

I confess that I go back and forth on a daily basis on how quickly I want to have children once I graduate.  I love babies and I can't wait to start having them with Jake but babies grow up and I don't think I'm ready for actual CHILDREN. Scary. Plus I kind of like it just being us some days and I know we won't get that back for decades after we start having kids. I'm too wishy washy for these kinds of decisions.

I confess that I have a lot of tv shows to catch up on so this is going to be a short one! What are your confessions?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Hmm....I always forget what happened Friday...oh right...I had my internship all day.  Went to my parents' house afterwards and then we went to see HP7 Part 2.  It was pretty good.  There were some plot changes that seemed unnecessary but I just love the story! I admit I am a Harry Potter fanatic at heart.  After the movie we went to Jake's parents' house for a little bit to see his fam and Luna the puppy :) She is a chunker! I think after that it was probably an early night to bed.  Actually I think Jake stayed up and read Pretty Little Liars with me...he's going to kill me for putting that up on here...oh well.

Saturday - Jake had a 5K in the morning and I packed all our stuff up to head back home.  We went to his grandparents' house for a little bit to visit them and his cousin, Jenni, and her husband and kids while they were in town.  We made the boring trip back down and did NOTHING. It was nice. I'm trying to think of anything significant we did but I think we just chilled and enjoyed our apartment.  Nick came over for a split second so we could grill him about this engagement with Angie :) Makes my heart smile.  That was about it for interesting right?

Sunday - I woke up to my stomach hurting BAD. I had some intestinal issues going on so Jake went to church and I laid down and watched Chicago.  I felt fine until I tried moving.  Jake went to grab some groceries after church and his hands were full so I had to open the door for him...bad move.  I got really dizzy and hot and then went and threw up.  Lovely, right?  Jake was a wonderful care taker though.  He spent part of the day cleaning while I relaxed and watched tv.  We took a nap and I felt a little better after that.  Then we spent another evening relaxing :) It was fantastic, much needed, alone time...minus the sick part.

Did any of you have more exciting weekends than we did?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I haven't done one of these in a while.  And the combination of heat and internships have got me in a pretty crabby, complaining I think it's time.

I'm thankful for air conditioning! Seriously...I never sweat on my face/neck area and just waiting for someone to answer the door at my parent's house made me like break out in a sweat all over my face.

I'm thankful that I have the opportunities that I do at this internship.  It's not what I thought I'd be doing and I don't think it's what I want to do with my life but I've had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and serve others so it's all good!

I'm thankful for the amazing friends and family that God has blessed me with.  I don't know what I'd do without them.  And I'm thankful that you can never have too many friends :) I love getting closer to people that I wasn't close with before. Friends are great.

I'm thankful for toothpaste...I may have said this one before.  I just really like the feeling of having clean teeth. The feeling that my teeth are dirty is just one of those things that drives me nuts.

I'm thankful for shoes. How not cool would it be to have to walk around all day on this hot ground without shoes on?  I really want to buy a pair of Toms, even though I don't think I can pull them off, just so a pair of shoes will get donated to a child who doesn't have any.

I think that's all for now....I'm going to watch HP7 part 1 with the fam in preparation for seeing part 2 tomorrow!

What are you thankful for?!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up of the best weekends I've had in a long time :) I love seeing two great friends who love each other so much get married!

Friday - We got up pretty darn early at Hannah's house and headed to her grandma's to set up the reception tent. It was a lot of work but with so many family members there it didn't take too long!  We had lunch at her aunt's house and then headed to the hotel to shower before the rehearsal dinner.  Hannah, Eric, Kyle (the best man and Eric's brother), and I headed to the church about an hour and a half early when the musicians were practicing the music.  The rehearsal went great and dinner was delish.  Little bits of unnecessary drama here and there but it is what it is.  After the dinner we went back to one of the rooms and bedazzled our flip flops that we were wearing to the reception :) Of course I stayed up too late hanging out with Hannah and her cousins but eventually got to bed and slept HARD. It was a long, exhausting, fun day.

Saturday - WEDDING DAY! Headed over to the church around 9 so Hannah could get ready.  We started taking pictures around 11.  Hannah looked beautiful, of course. I haven't had time to put the pictures on my computer yet but when I do they will eventually get put up on facebook!  The wedding went great and everything pretty much went as planned. I cried a few times, of could I not?! We took a little hayride from the church to Hannah's grandparents house and had the reception.  It was a good time! Hannah and Eric eventually pulled out to start their honeymoon and Jake and I left shortly afterwards to drive the 4 hours back to our apartment.   Another long day but SO worth it! Words cannot express how happy I am for Eric and Hannah :)

Sunday - 8:45am came way too early for Sunday School and church but we made it.  Had to run some errands afterwards and then we just came back, ate lunch, I watched Clue while Jake napped on the couch, then we both went back into the bedroom to nap some more.  After we woke up, we just kind of relaxed and watched some tv.  Jake played xbox while I read.  It was a nice, relaxing night at home...which doesn't happen as much as we would like it to lately.

Anything exciting happen for you all this weekend?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess that I still need to write my toast for the wedding that I'm in....tomorrow. I always swore when I was the matron of honor I would NOT put this off until the last minute.  I've been writing it in my head for weeks but it needs to be on paper. Honestly, I don't think I'm funny...I'm pretty awkward. But I don't want to give some real serious speech. I'm making Jake help me.

Speaking of Jake...I confess (for him) that we found his first gray hair today.  Actually Eric found it. Hannah's grandpa gave me pliers and I pulled the sucker out.

I confess that I'm hot, sweaty, feel disgusting, and my feet stink! Shower time for me once Hannah gets done :)

I confess that I'm SO excited for this wedding but I'm dreading the 4-5 hour drive back to our apartment tomorrow night :/  I'm so happy for Eric and Hannah though! It makes my heart happy.

I confess I haven't showered in about 3 days. Gross? Maybe. Do I care? Not really.

I confess that I'm really glad that Hannah got us closed toe heels for the wedding because my toes look gross...I had every intention of getting a pedicure but instead I've got toenails with polish chipping off from my last pedicure about a month or so ago :x

I think that's about all for now...any confessions from you all?!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

The weekend always goes by too fast...especially when I actually have things to do Monday.

Friday - Internship all day. Kind of sucked actually because I was supposed to get off at 4:30 and Jake and I were going to celebrate our anniversary at the hotel we spent our wedding night at.  Jake got to the hotel around 2ish.  Then some crisis situations came up and Kristina needed me to go on a meeting that she could not longer make it I called Jake and of course he was an amazing, understanding husband.  So I got there a little before 6 instead. We had a great dinner and dessert. Unfortunately, the week wore me out and I was passed out by like 9pm. SO lame. Oh well.

Saturday - Just kind of chilled around Jake's parents house until about 3:30 when we went to get a PUPPY! She's the cutest little thing ever. That family is lucky...I'm gonna miss her being around when we go home :( Her name is Luna and she's part German Shepherd and part Australian Shepherd. She's totally adorable. So obviously we played with her all night.

Sunday - Church...our mission team talked about the week in West Virginia during Sunday School.  It made me miss WV and the kiddos there a whole bunch.  Jake and I had lunch with my parents after church and then Jake fell asleep, of course, while Mom, Bekah, and I watched some Harry Potter.  Went back to Jake's parents and Nicole, Hanna, and I took Luna to her first Starbucks trip :)
Puppy's first Starbucks experience!

The nice man in the drive-thru window gave her a cup of whipped cream. It was cute until we took it away from her and she tried eating my frap's whipped cream...

Licking that whipped cream off her face! Such a cute little girl!

Obviously the most spoiled dog ever. She's worth it though! After we got back, Jake and I went to see Aaron (the pastor that married us) and his wife and 3 kids. Their son is 2 and a half years old and their twin daughters will be 1 in August. HANDFUL. It was a really fun visit and so good to see them all!  After that visit Jake had to go back to our apartment for his internship meeting Monday.  I spent the night getting blizzards with my family and going back to Jake's parent's house and watching Nicole shove 8 pieces of double bubble in her mouth :) Unfortunately, no pictures were taken.  I went to sleep after reading some Twilight and Nigel cuddled with me under the blankets :) Poor kitty is getting neglected with a new pet in the house.

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend! What did you all do!?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Casey Anthony

Unless you've been living under a rock lately, you've heard something about the Casey Anthony trial and have some opinion on it.  I honestly watched none of the trial and knew little to no information about it until yesterday on my drive to my internship.  I knew she was found not guilty and people were pretty dang upset about it.  All morning on the radio I heard people calling in with their view on things and parts of the trial that made it seem like there was no way she was innocent.  I was crying at one point on the trip because it's just so emotionally overwhelming, especially since the DJ was getting really emotional because she has a 2 year old son.

But then I found myself thinking 'God can forgive her, no matter if she did it or not'.  I turned off my radio at this point and just sat there and prayed for her.  In God's eyes, her sins (whatever they may be) are no worse than anything you or I have ever done...and we're no better than her.  This is where the grace and love of Christ comes in.  Without Christ taking my sin and giving me His righteousness, I'd be destined for hell for the "not so bad" things that I've done.  When it comes down to it, without Christ we're all the same sinners destined for the same end.

I know this isn't a popular idea and it's super challenging.  It's much easier for me to be angry and bitter at a woman that may have ruthlessly killed her little girl.  It's a horrible crime that should never be committed by anyone.  But nothing is too horrible of a crime for God.  Christ's grace is sufficient for ALL sins.  How amazing for us.  How blessed we are.

"But he said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.' Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me." - 2 Corinthians 12:9

Praise the Lord that I'm weak and His grace and power can be made perfect in a weak sinner like me.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Long time, no blog huh?

The mission trip was AMAZING! I want to go back to West Virginia.  It was just so much fun and I got to know the members of our team from our church so much better than I did before.  I also grew to have a bigger heart for the Lord and His people and understanding why we do things like mission trips.  It was so amazing.

We got home Friday evening and then Saturday was Jake's cousin's wedding.  It was a blast.  I love family functions, especially when there are weddings involved :)  Of course, pictures were taken!
The bride and groom!

And my favorite picture of the night...thanks Andy for the wonderful photography :) Jake and I were singing My Girl to each other and we  noticed Andy was wanting to take a "candid" moment picture so I guess we were laughing about that?

Needless to say, it was tons of fun!  Sunday - Jake's Aunt Sandy (the mother of the groom) had people over at her house for a barbecue.  Chris and Jillian also opened some wedding presents before taking off on their honeymoon.  It was fun but Jake and I had a nice drive back to our apartment that afternoon so we couldn't stay long.  We got to relax a little bit and then went to a Wii party night at Nikki's apartment...which really just turned into everyone talking and watching Juno. It was a great time though!

Monday - We did NOTHING. It was fabulous. I loved all the time I got to spend with people over the last week and a half...don't get me wrong...but I have a limit on social-ness and mine was up wayyyyy before the wedding on Saturday.  Jake and I were supposed to go to an annual root-beer float party thing at our Sunday School teachers' house but I was not having it. At one point I told Jake I just needed to be alone so being the loving and amazing husband he is, he left the apartment to buy himself a new dress shirt and to get me some chips that I had been craving and Reese's peanut butter cup ice cream.  He's the best. I needed the alone time.  He also sacrificed his love of socializing and stayed home with me to watch the series premiere of Love in the Wild, which we missed while we were on the Mission Trip.  We also watched some episodes of Heroes on Netflix and ended the night with Inception.  It was possibly one of the best 4th of July's that I've ever had.  Of course, I would have loved going out to a barbecue or something...just not after the past week and a half of no alone time for me or us.

Overall, I enjoyed this past week and a half and grew a lot but I'm also glad to be back in my apartment (while it lasts) with internet and my own space :)

How was everyone's weekend?