Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Baby is a.....

Little brother! 

We're so excited to be adding a little baby boy to the family :) And after about a week he finally has a name! Derek :) We named Adelyn the day we found out she was a girl so a week of debating  boy names gave me some serious mommy guilt. Sorry, Derek. As a second child, I'm sure it won't be the first time Adelyn gets one up on you.

21 weeks with Adelyn on the right and 21 weeks with Derek on the left.

 Speaking of big sister.....

When did she get SO big?! She actually likes ponytails now so we did a full one today for the first time. Holy big kid! Big girl with a big girl ponytail jumping on her big girl bed. She's so BIG! I can't get over it. She's talking SO much and repeating everything we say, which is cute and awful all at the same time :) She's singing a lot and memorizing songs and books left and right. She can pretty much recite Goodnight Moon for us now and Happy Birthday and the ABCs are some of her favorite songs to sing! I'm so excited to watch my baby girl become a big sister to my baby boy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

20 weeks!

As of Sunday, I'm halfway through this pregnancy! Part of me feels like "I've been pregnant forever already can this baby just be here?!" and then the other part of me thinks "I've purchased ZERO things for this baby and we've done absolutely nothing yet...stay in as long as you want kid". Sorry second child...your older sister is too demanding for us to devote our attention fully to you at this point :(

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 20 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +4  pounds

Maternity Clothes: Probably about 50-75% of the time. Most of my normal clothes are too tight but maternity clothes are still pretty loose.

Best Moment this Week: Finding out the gender and seeing our little healthy bean at the ultrasound!

Gender: We know...family and a few friends know. We haven't officially announced yet but we will soon :)

Movement: All. The. Time. I don't think this baby ever sleeps. Should be fun come December :)

Food Cravings: Candy. Or salty foods. Our bank account wishes I would quit eating out but it's so hard when the cravings hit...they will not go away until I get the food I was craving :/ Also craving lots of fruits and salads though so that's nice :)

Food aversions: I'm finally getting over the nausea and morning sickness so most aversions are gone. It just depends on the day!

Symptoms/Changes: Super tired. Adelyn isn't sleeping well and I just feel like a useless zombie. A lot of light headedness and feeling like I'm going to faint. SUPER emotional. I don't remember being so hormonal with Addie but I feel like I could just cry at the drop of a hat the last week or so. Less headaches! Some abdominal cramping and sharp pains.

Sleep: Sleeping ok but if I wake up at night this baby is usually kicking which makes it harder to get back to sleep. I've been wide awake at night but then I wake up in the morning exhausted.

What I am looking forward to: Finally fitting into maternity clothes and looking visibly pregnant. Sitting down with Jake and agreeing on a baby name at some point :) Meeting this baby! I'm just ready for it to be December and being able to snuggle our little nugget.

Monday, July 6, 2015

18 weeks!

For those of you who haven't seen on Facebook...we're expecting baby number 2! I'm due December 6th. We find out 2 weeks from tomorrow is baby is a boy or girl! I've done a terrible job at keeping up with this blog and a terrible job at documenting this pregnancy so might as well kill two birds with one stone!

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 18 weeks

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +2-3 pounds

Maternity Clothes: Not yet. Just ordered a Stitch Fix for some new maternity tops though :)

Best Moment this Week: Not having such bad headaches every single day!

Gender: Only 15 days until we find out! Adelyn says sister about 90% of the time

Movement: I'm feeling movement WAY earlier this time around. Like I've been feeling something since 15 weeks and I'm already able to feel movements with my hand on my stomach already. Like a month ahead of where I was with Adelyn

Food Cravings: I've had a variety. Root beer, pickles, cornbread, nachos, fruit, tomatoes, pasta. Since I've been a normal human thanks for the nausea meds this time around I've had a lot more cravings that just hit. Like the root beer I've only craved once but it was so strong I could like taste and smell root beer.

Food aversions: I think cucumbers have made me sick. It was in a salad so I'm not 100% sure but it's the most likely suspect at this point. And I tried to make coffee one morning to get some caffeine to counteract against the horrible headaches I've been having and just the smell made me sick.

Symptoms/Changes: Diclegis has been a life saver for morning sickness! I tried to stop a few weeks ago and was sick for 36 hours straight until I could get the meds back down. I've had some TERRIBLE sinus headache/migraine type of things. Not as bad this week so that's good. I'm going to look into seeing a chiropractor and getting some acupuncture done and seeing if that can get rid of them for good.

Sleep: Sleeping pretty hard. Lots of crazy and weird dreams. But good sleep so far.

What I am looking forward to: Finding out the gender! Starting to really look pregnant and not just chunky :)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Life with a 2 year old

My baby turned 2 on Wednesday. I'm still having trouble accepting that. I've always thought the first birthday would be the hardest with kids but I think this one may have been harder on me than last year. 2 just seems SO much older. She's becoming more of her own person every day and I love seeing who she's becoming. However, it's really weird to me that she's different from me. Like I had an epiphany about it the other day. My daughter is not just a miniature version of me. She's a different person. With different likes and dislikes. And it's awesome. And frustrating. And just weird sometimes.

Anyhow...birthdays are holidays around our house :) We had to wake the birthday girl up a little bit before 8am because we had places to be that day. But she got a royal wake up with balloons and bubbles!

This girl would spend all day every day blowing bubbles if she could. We'll be doing something completely unrelated and she'll just start yelling "bubble maker" over and over.

We had a Hostess cupcake for breakfast, per Jake's family tradition. And then she got one of the 3 presents we bought for her that we hadn't given to her yet. Jake got her the bubble machine and I picked up a slide for her that I put together weeks ago...we're not the best at waiting to open presents.

Somewhere between seeing the present and actually getting it assembled we took a potty break and lost her clothes in the process. But she loves her new cleaning tools! This girl is going to be my favorite kid I think (kidding...kind of). She LOVES cleaning. She has a mini vacuum that she'll use when I'm vacuuming and we took out some of the segments in our swifter handle to make it her size and she loves to clean the floors. So now she has her own broom and mop and duster so she can clean the house from top to bottom for me ;)

We went out to breakfast with a friend from high school and his wife and then spent the rest of the morning shopping for supplies for her party this weekend.  Adelyn and daddy both napped and then we went out and did some more shopping and ordered pizza (the birthday girl's request). We finished out the night watching Monsters Inc. because this kid loves "Mike-a" and Boo. 

It was a fun, relaxing day. And I have a whole year to prepare my heart for the day my baby turns 3!

Monday, January 5, 2015


Is it just me or does 2015 sound like a really "old" year. Like 2000 was 15 freaking years ago. In 15 more years it will be 2030. Hold the phone.

Today was the first day "back to work" since Christmas Eve. It was a packed break but still really relaxing. 6 family Christmases packed in 3 days. Dinner with some friends. New Year's Eve alone because Jake had to work his second job and Adelyn didn't nap that day so mama was ready for some time alone. A lot of SVU marathons on the days when Adelyn decided to nap. It was a fun, much needed time with our whole family home together. Jake even admitted he realized just how hard it is to be a stay-at-home parent...and he had me home with him the whole time ;)

And since there's no way I can remember everything we did during those 12 days that Jake was off, I'll just post a few pictures instead :)

Trying to get a good picture of her Christmas dress....those crossed legs <3

Then Papa walked in the room....she loves her papas

Eating tacos, watching Mickey Mouse, cuddling with the cat. She's a pro at Christmas break already.

And this is from today...hipster baby :) Dress up is so fun!

I'm excited to see what's in store for our little family for 2015. New jobs, more school, more babies? Nothing set in stone as of now but time will tell. I just know I wouldn't want to go through all the new life experiences without Jake and Adelyn by my side!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Life Lately

Well hey there...it's only been about 5 months. Sheesh. I'm not good at this blogging thing. But today is a big day so I feel the need to blog it out. Mama turns the big 2-5 today. Yikes. Trying not to get too much in my head about that. For some reason 25 just sounds so much older than 24. I think the biggest issues I'm dealing with is that I really thought 25 would be the year when we would have a second child and that isn't in the cards for us this year. Maybe more about that in another post...I just don't have the energy to go into all of that now.

Anyhow. Life has been pretty mellow around here. Adelyn is learning new things everyday and constantly amazing me. She has 7 teeth (almost 8) and is learning to chatter up a storm. It feel likes just within this past week she's really started to jabber constantly and can repeat almost anything I ask her to say on the first try. Sometimes that comes back to bite us in the butt. Time to start censoring ourselves around her :x

Adelyn has been on an awesome sleep schedule lately of sleeping in until like 9am. Which is cool except then she's up until like 9pm every night and mommy and daddy are in bed as soon as she is. Not a lot of down time together. But I sure do enjoy the relaxing mornings and alone time before she wakes up :)

We're just doing life around here and we're pretty boring homebodies. I'll just post pictures because we really don't have a lot going on in our lives but we do have a really cute kid!

Adelyn loves walks with Gigi and Papa and their dog, Luna :)

Apple picking this fall

Daddy went out to buy her a coat and came home with her first car haha

Helping Daddy put up the tree

These two <3

So there's a quick update! Hopefully it won't be another 5 months before I blog again...I really want to get better about blogging and having our family memories down somewhere so we can look back on them one day when our kids are all grown up :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Beauty Routine

Ok so I'm not very good at keeping up with this blog...but lately I've been researching a lot (aka reading everything Food Babe and Mama Natural post on Facebook) about all of the harmful chemicals in our beauty supplies. So I've started a few new routines using kitchen supplies! 

But first...some holiday pictures from last weekend :)

Adelyn and my cousin Alyssa throwing shade :)

Patriotic girl

Loving on Aunt Hanna...unless you look closer and see that she was really trying to shove her fingers in her mouth...

Happy 4th from the Nelsons!

Anywho...on to this new night time face washing routine I've started. It all started when I found this website: http://www.mamanatural.com/good-bad-ugly-beauty/
Seriously....everything we were using was in the bad category :/ This list was pretty overwhelming to me at first so I decided to just try to improve one category at a time.
Skin care was the first thing I decided to change...I'm HORRIBLE about remembering to wash my face at night. I rarely wear make up (score one....no bad chemicals on my face if I just don't wear make up!) so I don't want to take the time to wash my face...which is awful. 
Really...the past week or so I've seen SO much improvement on my complexion because of JP capsules! Amazing what good nutrition will do for your skin! But it was seeing these improvements that made me think hmmm how great can my skin look if I actually start taking care of it!

So Monday night I decided to try washing my face with lemon and honey. Just cut a lemon in half, put a few drops of honey on it and rub it around your face. Let it sit for 5 minutes (I just wait until my skin starts to feel kind of weird because of the honey drying) and then rinse it off. 
I follow this up with an apple cider vinegar toner. 1 part ACV to 2 parts water, dip a cotton ball in it, rub it around on your face. Rinse. At first I thought my skin smelled too much like vinegar but once you rinse it isn't too bad.
Last step...coconut oil moisturizer! I went to Whole Foods yesterday and got some organic extra virgin coconut oil (the pinterest article I read suggested this because it would have  lower melting point and wouldn't clog pores). I scooped some in a bowl, mixed it with a hand mixer until it was a creamy, lotion-y texture, then put it in a small 4 oz mason jar that I bought at Target. It feels weird to put oil on your face and just leave it there and it definitely doesn't take much. My face smelled like coconut...which was weird in a good way. By the time I actually went to sleep, my face didn't even feel greasy anymore. This morning, my face is SO soft. Seriously...awesome!
And the best part is...no harmful chemicals! Raw, local honey. Organic ACV. Organic coconut oil. Such an easy replacement.

Eventually, I want to make improvements in all of the areas listed on the website, but we're also on a pretty tight budget. I'm excited to keep doing this nightly routine and see improvements in my skin!