Friday, April 10, 2015

Life with a 2 year old

My baby turned 2 on Wednesday. I'm still having trouble accepting that. I've always thought the first birthday would be the hardest with kids but I think this one may have been harder on me than last year. 2 just seems SO much older. She's becoming more of her own person every day and I love seeing who she's becoming. However, it's really weird to me that she's different from me. Like I had an epiphany about it the other day. My daughter is not just a miniature version of me. She's a different person. With different likes and dislikes. And it's awesome. And frustrating. And just weird sometimes.

Anyhow...birthdays are holidays around our house :) We had to wake the birthday girl up a little bit before 8am because we had places to be that day. But she got a royal wake up with balloons and bubbles!

This girl would spend all day every day blowing bubbles if she could. We'll be doing something completely unrelated and she'll just start yelling "bubble maker" over and over.

We had a Hostess cupcake for breakfast, per Jake's family tradition. And then she got one of the 3 presents we bought for her that we hadn't given to her yet. Jake got her the bubble machine and I picked up a slide for her that I put together weeks ago...we're not the best at waiting to open presents.

Somewhere between seeing the present and actually getting it assembled we took a potty break and lost her clothes in the process. But she loves her new cleaning tools! This girl is going to be my favorite kid I think (kidding...kind of). She LOVES cleaning. She has a mini vacuum that she'll use when I'm vacuuming and we took out some of the segments in our swifter handle to make it her size and she loves to clean the floors. So now she has her own broom and mop and duster so she can clean the house from top to bottom for me ;)

We went out to breakfast with a friend from high school and his wife and then spent the rest of the morning shopping for supplies for her party this weekend.  Adelyn and daddy both napped and then we went out and did some more shopping and ordered pizza (the birthday girl's request). We finished out the night watching Monsters Inc. because this kid loves "Mike-a" and Boo. 

It was a fun, relaxing day. And I have a whole year to prepare my heart for the day my baby turns 3!