Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day F - Fast Forward Five Years

Hm...again...I'm not really sure what to do with this one. My plans never work out the way I intend them to...which is ok with me because God's plan has always been better.  It just makes me hesitant to plan things because I feel like that's just asking for God to laugh in my face and change everything :)

But in the perfect Katie world, here's what it would look like in 5 years. I'd be 27 years old...hopefully have at least one kid...maybe a toddler with one on the way or a newborn :) I'd be a stay-at-home mom and Jake would be doing a job that he loves that would pay the bills but of course if I need to work to make ends meet, then that's what I'll be doing!

Really the future is all just so unknown. Other than knowing I'd like to be a mom by then, everything else is up in the air. I have no idea where we'll live, what we'll be doing, or how close to our families will be. It's scary and exciting at the same time. My life has never been so open and unplanned. As a planner that freaks me out. But it's also so cool to know we aren't going to necessarily be tied down to anything. I'd love to live close to both of our families but I don't know if that will happen right away or not.'s all one big question mark. God knows and I'm content with that. Besides, maybe Jesus will come back before then and I'll be on the new earth...which would be way more awesome than ANY of my plans!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day E - Explain to me why

I really have no idea what to do with this day...I guess I'll just kind of ramble about things I don't understand. Boo.

Explain to me why....the weekends seem to pass so quickly and the school days seem to pass so slowly. I don't get it. I'm still all for 4 day weekend and 3 day school weeks...

Explain to me why....gas is so stinkin expensive?! Or why we haven't found some kind of alternative, cheaper way to get from one place to another. What about teleporting? Apparating? Harry Potter anyone? Bah.

Explain to me is so important in the first place. I hate the control that money has on my day to day life. Boo.

Explain to me why...Britney Spears is still performing, singing, doing anything in public. She was good back in the day...then she went crazy...know when to quit, Brit! (I admit I added that last line just because quit and Brit rhyme.)

Explain to me why...the nights you get the most sleep are the mornings when you feel the most tired. I slept SO well last night for so long and I feel exhausted today. No idea why....

Explain to me why...people in this town drive a constant 45 mph no matter what the speed limit is. I get tail-gated on some roads and then I'm passing people left and right on other roads. Makes no sense to me.

Explain to me why....some of the teachers in "helping people" professions can be so heartless and un-caring. It baffles're obviously a teacher because you could never work with real clients....

Explain to me why....I have to go to work tonight instead of staying at home and reading?! What the heck?! Buhhh.

So if anyone has any good explanations for these I'd love to hear it :)