Friday, June 20, 2014

Confession Friday!

Hey it's only been a couple months since anyone has heard from me...not too bad, right?! I'm a terrible blogger...but I'm hoping to really make this a regular least once a week. And now that I've said that, someone please hold me accountable! Haha.

So I figured confession fridays are an easy way to get back in the swing of here we go!

I confess that I posted this picture on Facebook last night and it got a lot of positive feedback!

I hate being that person who posts food photos but it is one of the first vegan, gluten-free meals I've ever made! It was a gluten-free meals recipe for rice and beans with cilantro and tomatoes with jalapeƱos and lime juice. And it was good! The rice and beans could have used a little kick for my taste...I will be trying it with hot sauce next time!
Jake has been telling me I should blog about the healthy changes we've been making in our life lately, but it was official once blogging queen Cassie commented and told me I needed to blog about it!

To stick with the health confessions, I confess I've been having whole food based protein shakes for breakfast for a few weeks now. So filling and so much better for me than the cereal and milk I was eating.

A not so healthy confession: last night after we ate that amazing, healthy meal, we broke down and got ice cream for dessert. You win some, you lose some...and nobody is perfect!

I confess that the babe is watching some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I write. I don't like letting her watch a ton of tv but she LOVES this show so much that I can't say no. If she even sees the tv or apple tv remote she freaks out because she wants to watch it. Cray baby.

I confess that it's a been a lazy, pajama morning for the Nelson girls this morning. And we're obviously really happy about it :)

I confess that no matter how old Adelyn gets, I don't think anything will make me happier than seeing her smile and hearing her laugh. I just think she's the cutest :)

I confess that I got a gym membership for the purpose of going to the fitness classes but I'm pretty self-conscience about going...I'm not sure I'm ready to show the world my Zumba moves :x

I confess that Jake and I have been staying up way too late over the past few weeks. And by late, I mean like 11pm. What happened to 9pm bedtime for parents? For reals...momma needs her beauty rest.

I think that's about all I have for now...not any really juicy confessions but a good way to jump back in to blogging! I'm looking forward to blogging about my successes and failures with our journey to be healthier! I promise to include my failures, too. NO ONE is perfect and eats perfectly all the time. I'm human and I fail. I break down and get a soda...or ice cream...or fast food. But the goal is to get less and less of the bad and more and more of the good! I'm excited for any of my readers (are any of you left out there?!) to come along this journey with me! And I promise it won't all be crunchy health nut posts...I'm still a normal person...promise ;)