Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I love when weekend wrap-ups come on Tuesdays :) <3 long weekends!

Soooooo Friday after I got out of my internship I came back and met Jake and we headed to Blake and Angie's rehearsal. It was fun times and we met some new people...fun was had by all :)  We were supposed to go out to this annual picnic with everyone but I was POOPED when we got back so I changed into pajamas and we just hung out with Jake's parents.

Saturday, I got up around 9 to meet Mom and Bekah for pedicures and Panera....yummmmm.  I had eaten breakfast before going so I just got a frozen caramel but it was well worth it.  Then I went back to Jake's parents house to get ready for the wedding. It was a beautiful wedding with a beautiful bride! I've always loved weddings but I super love them ever since having my own. I was excited to get lots of pictures, too....first pictures of summer!

The bride and her daddy

Isn't she so pretty :)

So needless to say, Saturday was fun.  It was  LONG day for us old married people though.  The bride and groom left a little bit after 9 but we stayed around to help clean up until about 10:30.  I was WIPED.

Sunday, we had church and sunday school and then Jake had to work :(  I did some training for my internship online and then headed over to my parents house for the afternoon.  I ended up falling asleep there for like an hour before dinner...whoops.  Dinner was good and I enjoyed hanging out with the fam.  We had brats, potato salad, and deviled eggs and Mom made pound cake with strawberries and cool whip for dessert. Then I went back to Jake's parents house to get some work done.  Nicole was the only person home most of the night so I just sat around and read and waited for Jake to get off work. Boring.

Monday, Jake and I slept until 11. It was amazing, even if it messed me up for today.  We just kinda relaxed and got stuff done around the house until dinner time. Jake's dad grilled brats, hamburgers, and asparagus and his mom made cheesy potato casserole, cheesy broccoli casserole, strawberry pie, and another pie that I think probably kind of tastes like a chocolate chip cookie? Not sure. It was a FEAST though. I went to bed full.  Of course I tried going to bed right at like...9:30. I hadn't even been up for 12 hours so it wasn't happening.  We didn't end up falling asleep until after midnight and I had to be up at 6:15. Jake's at work for the whole night tonight so I'm gonna call a night in like...an hour...lol. It's gonna be early to bed for this girl tonight.

I hope everyone had fabulous Memorial Day weekends!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


I confess I was too busy to blog yesterday.  That rarely happens in my boring life.  I literally was not back at Jake's parents' house for more than 20 minutes from 7am to 9pm. Busybusybusy.

I confess that all these weddings going on this summer put me in a wedding mood.  They also make me re-think some regrets I have about our wedding.  There really aren't any other than a videographer.  I really wish we had gotten one :( Oh well...nothing that can be done about it now....

I confess that Jake and I laid in bed last night talking about our different elementary/junior high school experiences.  I'm so conflicted about where I want to raise our future children.  I grew up in a small town and only went to a big school for my last two years of high school.  I feel like the bigger schools better prepare you for college but I LOVE the small town life.  I want to be able to look through my yearbooks from my little small town high school and be able to tell my kids who the people in there are in relation to kids in their class...but I know Jake will NEVER go for moving back to my hometown. Ever. We were talking though...and he went to like 3 different schools here from 3rd grade to 8th grade....his 3rd-5th grade school was a 3 story building...my K-8 school had 3 hallways....we had such different experiences.  The thing that made me most sad was when he said they didn't have a roller skating unit in P.E. That was my favorite part of P.E...how sad, right? I'm so at odds with myself about where I want to raise our kids. Buhhhh.

I confess that I'm super paranoid about creepers on this blog which is why I give out no info...like WHERE we went to schools, our last name, anything. I'm so paranoid...it just creeps me out.

I confess I'm listening to Jesse McCartney.  What comes up on the iTunes list...I must listen to. It's a rule. I love it.

I confess that I have a love/hate relationship with food places that put calories on everything now. I want to drink my frozen caramel from Panera without knowing that it's 600 calories, thanks.

I confess that I'm sick of this yucky weather. I'm ready for it to feel like summer already. Goodness gracious.

I confess that I had a dream that I was pregnant last night and I woke up just a little bit excited :/ our time will come...just not for another few years :(  I know I should enjoy our alone time now though because once you have kids there is NO going back.

I confess that it makes me sad when people text me/write on my facebook posts about how much they love my blog but they won't follow me :( I'm excited that I'm up to 10 followers but I know more of my friends are out there reading this :)

Any confessions from you readers?! This was a long post...I want some feedback!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Long time, no update. Although I'm pretty sure only 10 people read this blog...on a good day. Oh well...to the scheduled Thankful Thursday :)

I'm thankful for music...I'm sure I've used this one before. I just LOVE it. I can't be on my computer in a quiet room...itunes is always open and playing.  Jake makes fun of me because I have over 8 days worth of music on my playlist. Limewire was good to me before it gave my computer a virus :(

I'm thankful for my internship. I'm already learning SO much and meeting some really great people.  I'm kinda bummed because the office only has like 8 people so the chances of this internship leading to a job is probably not so great but the experience will be awesome. And I'll just have babies and stay home for a few years, Lord willing, so a job hopefully won't be a pressing issue.

On that note, I'm thankful for how hardworking my husband is.  I'm so proud of him! We had a dinner for his internship tonight and he is the lead intern in his office. His business has really taken off and he's really starting to get the ball rolling.  He has always and always will do what it takes to provide and I LOVE that about him. I know he makes a lot of sacrifices so that I can focus on school and not have to work a lot.  He's just so great! I have to brag on him a little bit :)

I'm thankful for the wisdom and advice Jake and I can get from my parents and his parents.  They have been through a lot of life experiences between the 4 of them.  They are never pushy of their views or opinions but if you ask them they will give you advice to take or leave.  The older I get, the more I'm starting to appreciate what I can learn from the things my parents and his parents have gone through.  We're both so blessed to have such level-headed and wise parents :)

I'm thankful for Christ's example as a servant.  This is something that has been so heavy on my heart lately.  Christ spent His whole life serving His servants.  These people should have been bowing down to Him and most of them watched and cheered as He died.  That's heavy stuff.  I rarely serve my FRIENDS, let alone people I'm not close with.  I don't really feel that I have "enemies" per se, but I definitely wouldn't be a servant to them if I did.  Jake and I are going on a mission trip in June and I'm hoping it really changes my heart and attitude about serving.  We're going to serve complete strangers, but I know that's what I should be doing daily in my hometown...I shouldn't have to travel halfway across the U.S. to do that....sigh.

What are you all thankful for?! Don't be shy :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Confession Friday

Ahhh....day 2 of summer. Love <3 So we'll do a confession Friday :)

I confess I scared myself half to death in the shower the other day.  I heard some noises in the apartment (turns out it was Jake, home on a break he wasn't supposed to have). So I'm peeking my head around the shower curtain because I had left the door cracked.  I thought it might have been Nigel jumping off of something.  Let me just clue you in on a little-known fact about me...I HATE showering when I'm alone in the apartment.  It freaks me out because I can't hear anything going on outside the bathroom. So I'm trying to peek through the cracked door to see if I can see Nigel and I see someone out of the corner of my eye in the bathroom. I almost passed out...until I realized it was the corner of the mirror and I was seeing myself in the shower. Holy cow. I almost died. Talk about paranoid. Then Jake walked into the bathroom while I was standing there in a towel trying to do my hair. Second heart attack of the day.

I confess that I spent all week thinking of confessions and now I'm drawing a blank.

Oh...got one...I confess that I threw an embarrassing temper tantrum on Monday :/  Not something I'm proud of.  Jake wanted to take me shopping because I needed some shoes to go with my brown dress and any khaki pants outfits.  I also needed some summer dresses for all these weddings we have going on.  So naturally we go to Charlotte Russe.  They have the DUMBEST shoe sizes EVER! One pair that I loved only came in a 7. Usually a 7 would be perfect...not there...I need an 8.  So I find another pair I love to go with my brown outfits...perfect. But it's buy one, get one for 10 bucks...so naturally I need another pair.  I find a couple of cute pairs with backs on them.  One was HUGE in an 8 but too small in a 7. Would have been fine without the back on it.  The other pair had a back too and it fit fine but my toes were like hanging off the front. So I threw the shoes on the ground at Jake's feet and walked right out of the store and out of the mall to our car. How embarrassing. I felt like a 2 year-old.

I also confess that we ended up going back to the mall after getting ice cream from Sonic. And I bought 3 skirts, 3 shirts, a dress, 2 pairs of shoes, and a necklace.  Jake rewards me for acting childish, I guess? It was a good shopping trip after all the anger.

Since we're on the shopping theme, I confess that I thought I ruined one on my new shirts by drying it when it said hang to dry.  I thought the front looked all messed up so I called Jake upset about it and he was on his way home from a meeting so he stopped by the mall and bought me another one without telling me.  He texed me to see what size it was...and I confess I was watching reruns of the Hills so I didn't get up to check (sorry, babe) so I told him xs.  He comes home and I take one look at the shirt and it's IDENTICAL to my "messed up" shirt. Mistake number one.  Mistake number two...the shirt I already had was a small...not an extra small. He was less than thrilled. I found it amusing...he didn't find it to be so amusing :x

Wow...those were long confessions...that mostly make me look like a stupid jerk.  Oh well.  I know some of you facebook friends of mine read this blog and are NOT following me or commenting.  Don't secretly stalk my blog...follow me! Comment! Share some confessions of your own :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Let's see...Friday I had class, my last tutoring session EVER, and more class. Then Jake left to go to his parents to work for the weekend and I just kind of hung out until Cindy and Kristen got here :) We got some good talking time in before bed.

Saturday was Hannah's shower day! I spent the morning making punch and after Laura got here we made taco dip and had our first cupcake icing experience.

I would say we did a pretty good job. I did the strawberry and Laura did the chocolate.

Then we finished up getting her recipe box and everything ready.  Got to Lisa's to set up for the party. It was so much fun :) It was a great group of people and it was the perfect size.  She got some good presents...even if some of them were prettyyyy risqué ;) Then we got to take some pictures!

 Love these girls!

After that we came back to the apartment and had girls night :) We made pizzas and mac and cheese and our own little chocolate covered strawberries.  Brilliant idea on Cindy's part.  We bought magic shell and put the strawberries in the freezer so they would cool down quickly.  Then we dipped the cold strawberries in the magic shell and had instant chocolate covered strawberries! We also had some pretty good pineapple.  Of course we had to watch a chick flick and The Proposal won. I stayed up wayyyyy too late talking to Candice and Cindy but it was a good night with some good talks and lots of fun with good friends!

Sunday was Mother's Day...but I'm really hoping you all knew that already.  Dan's sermon in church was SUPER convicting. I had a lot of emotions and thoughts running through my head so studying for finals was not too successful that afternoon.  Then my Mom and Bekah came and we went out to Olive Garden to eat. It was delish...thanks Mom! We should have gotten a picture together while you were both here! We came back and chatted at the apartment for a little bit and a few hours after they left Jake came home. We were in bed by like 8:30 just laying there and talking.  It was a good night :)

So overall it was a successful weekend! Did you guys do anything special for Mother's Day?!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Confession Friday

It's been a long week. My brain is fried. Yay finals....

I confess that I have mixed feelings about this internship this summer. I think it's going to be AMAZING but I'm dreading the 40 minute drive through rush-hour traffic to get there by 8am :/ Also dreading the 40 minute drive back in rush-hour traffic. Boo.

I confess that the only thing I've eaten today is cheesy potatoes. And they were delicious.

I confess that I should be studying for finals but the first disc of the second season of The Big Bang Theory came in my netflix today....so studying probably isn't going to happen.

I confess that Nigel has been sleeping in the closet lately and I miss him sleeping in the bed with me :( He's turned our walk-in closet into his own personal bedroom. He sleeps on our suitcases and gets them covered in fur...annoying. But he's so cute in the morning when our alarms go off and he comes stretching out of the closet cooing and begging for food.  He is so my child........ugh.  I feel like I need a real baby so I stop obsessing over my cat.

I confess that I'm not going to be sad that my junior year of college is over...at all.  In fact, I wish more than anything that it was my senior year. I want to be done. Now.

I confess that I'm a little bummed that we planned Hannah's shower for the same weekend as my church's mother-daughter tea. I really wanted to go tomorrow. The shower will be great! I just wish I could do both somehow :(

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Identity Crisis

As of yesterday, I'm having an identity crisis.  That may not be the right description.  I just have NO idea what I want to do with my life anymore. Buhhh.  This seems to be the story of my life...it's slowly been building up since high school I guess. Ever since like 2nd grade I thought I knew what I wanted to study in school, deaf education. Dead set on it until my senior year of high school.  I realized how few colleges have that area of study and how few jobs there are out there so it would completely dictate my school choices and where I lived when I graduated.  So I threw everything into nursing.  I even opted to take Honors Biology 2, which I had previously dropped because I failed the first test, instead of taking Child Development or a foods class. I worked my butt off senior year and my first two years at college to get into that nursing program.  I ate, slept, and breathed anatomy and physiology.  All that hard work paid off and I got into the nursing program. I was STOKED! Then I got married, realized how expensive and time consuming the nursing program was and wasn't completely sure it was what I wanted.  I think I got so caught up in the challenge of getting into the program that I didn't take time to think about if I really wanted to do it for the rest of my life.

So I changed my major to family studies.  I had taken a family studies course as a gen ed my sophomore year and I really liked it and thought it would be my back-up plan if I didn't get into the nursing program. I was looking at job options with it and adoption specialist was at the top of the list. So I prayed about it...a lot. Ended up changing my major and then letting my parents know...actually I had Jake let my parents know while I sat there. I was terrified lol.  Anyhow, now anytime I hear about the nursing program or see the nursing students in their scrubs I get this little pang of jealousy. But I'm really excited about working in an adoption agency. And really, once I have kids I just want to be a mom for awhile.

So Jake and I were talking a few weeks ago and somehow the idea of doing one of those second degree nursing programs came up.  I would love to work part-time once my kids are not babies anymore but still not adults and I think that would be easier to do with nursing than in an adoption agency. But I really just want kids when we graduate and I don't want to do another 2 years of school. The choices! Now pretty much every job I hear about sounds interesting. It's annoying. I have NO idea what I want to do...besides someday have kids and stay home with them. Being an adult stinks sometimes...

Enough whining though...school's done in exactly a week for me! Then I'm a senior. Weirrrrd.