Friday, May 6, 2011

Confession Friday

It's been a long week. My brain is fried. Yay finals....

I confess that I have mixed feelings about this internship this summer. I think it's going to be AMAZING but I'm dreading the 40 minute drive through rush-hour traffic to get there by 8am :/ Also dreading the 40 minute drive back in rush-hour traffic. Boo.

I confess that the only thing I've eaten today is cheesy potatoes. And they were delicious.

I confess that I should be studying for finals but the first disc of the second season of The Big Bang Theory came in my netflix studying probably isn't going to happen.

I confess that Nigel has been sleeping in the closet lately and I miss him sleeping in the bed with me :( He's turned our walk-in closet into his own personal bedroom. He sleeps on our suitcases and gets them covered in fur...annoying. But he's so cute in the morning when our alarms go off and he comes stretching out of the closet cooing and begging for food.  He is so my child........ugh.  I feel like I need a real baby so I stop obsessing over my cat.

I confess that I'm not going to be sad that my junior year of college is all.  In fact, I wish more than anything that it was my senior year. I want to be done. Now.

I confess that I'm a little bummed that we planned Hannah's shower for the same weekend as my church's mother-daughter tea. I really wanted to go tomorrow. The shower will be great! I just wish I could do both somehow :(

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Mary Cavalier said...

Will miss you at the Mother's Day Tea but there will be others :-)
See you tomorrow.