Friday, May 13, 2011

Confession Friday 2 of summer. Love <3 So we'll do a confession Friday :)

I confess I scared myself half to death in the shower the other day.  I heard some noises in the apartment (turns out it was Jake, home on a break he wasn't supposed to have). So I'm peeking my head around the shower curtain because I had left the door cracked.  I thought it might have been Nigel jumping off of something.  Let me just clue you in on a little-known fact about me...I HATE showering when I'm alone in the apartment.  It freaks me out because I can't hear anything going on outside the bathroom. So I'm trying to peek through the cracked door to see if I can see Nigel and I see someone out of the corner of my eye in the bathroom. I almost passed out...until I realized it was the corner of the mirror and I was seeing myself in the shower. Holy cow. I almost died. Talk about paranoid. Then Jake walked into the bathroom while I was standing there in a towel trying to do my hair. Second heart attack of the day.

I confess that I spent all week thinking of confessions and now I'm drawing a blank. one...I confess that I threw an embarrassing temper tantrum on Monday :/  Not something I'm proud of.  Jake wanted to take me shopping because I needed some shoes to go with my brown dress and any khaki pants outfits.  I also needed some summer dresses for all these weddings we have going on.  So naturally we go to Charlotte Russe.  They have the DUMBEST shoe sizes EVER! One pair that I loved only came in a 7. Usually a 7 would be perfect...not there...I need an 8.  So I find another pair I love to go with my brown outfits...perfect. But it's buy one, get one for 10 naturally I need another pair.  I find a couple of cute pairs with backs on them.  One was HUGE in an 8 but too small in a 7. Would have been fine without the back on it.  The other pair had a back too and it fit fine but my toes were like hanging off the front. So I threw the shoes on the ground at Jake's feet and walked right out of the store and out of the mall to our car. How embarrassing. I felt like a 2 year-old.

I also confess that we ended up going back to the mall after getting ice cream from Sonic. And I bought 3 skirts, 3 shirts, a dress, 2 pairs of shoes, and a necklace.  Jake rewards me for acting childish, I guess? It was a good shopping trip after all the anger.

Since we're on the shopping theme, I confess that I thought I ruined one on my new shirts by drying it when it said hang to dry.  I thought the front looked all messed up so I called Jake upset about it and he was on his way home from a meeting so he stopped by the mall and bought me another one without telling me.  He texed me to see what size it was...and I confess I was watching reruns of the Hills so I didn't get up to check (sorry, babe) so I told him xs.  He comes home and I take one look at the shirt and it's IDENTICAL to my "messed up" shirt. Mistake number one.  Mistake number two...the shirt I already had was a small...not an extra small. He was less than thrilled. I found it amusing...he didn't find it to be so amusing :x

Wow...those were long confessions...that mostly make me look like a stupid jerk.  Oh well.  I know some of you facebook friends of mine read this blog and are NOT following me or commenting.  Don't secretly stalk my blog...follow me! Comment! Share some confessions of your own :)


lroth said...

I normally secretly stalk you, so I suppose I'm due for some confessions.

I confess that, moving some of my stuff into your apartment yesterday, I forgot that Nigel was going to be there. When I opened the door he was standing right there, and I freakeddddd out that, while I had my arms full of stuff, he was going to run out the door. He didn't. So I guess that wasn't a very momentous confession.

I confess that I recycled the entire contents of my RA manual while I was in super clean-out mood this week, and, just a few hours later, I found out that I'm supposed to turn that manual back in. Oops. I felt PRETTY foolish.

Katie said...

Ah thanks for commenting lovey! Hahaha I'm just picturing you moving in and Nigel just staring at you and debating running out the door while you have a mini-heart attack. Also, I was reading your second confession and I was like "Wow, that probably felt good to dump all of that right in the recycling!" and then I kept reading...not such a good feeling I'm guessing :)