Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I love when weekend wrap-ups come on Tuesdays :) <3 long weekends!

Soooooo Friday after I got out of my internship I came back and met Jake and we headed to Blake and Angie's rehearsal. It was fun times and we met some new people...fun was had by all :)  We were supposed to go out to this annual picnic with everyone but I was POOPED when we got back so I changed into pajamas and we just hung out with Jake's parents.

Saturday, I got up around 9 to meet Mom and Bekah for pedicures and Panera....yummmmm.  I had eaten breakfast before going so I just got a frozen caramel but it was well worth it.  Then I went back to Jake's parents house to get ready for the wedding. It was a beautiful wedding with a beautiful bride! I've always loved weddings but I super love them ever since having my own. I was excited to get lots of pictures, too....first pictures of summer!

The bride and her daddy

Isn't she so pretty :)

So needless to say, Saturday was fun.  It was  LONG day for us old married people though.  The bride and groom left a little bit after 9 but we stayed around to help clean up until about 10:30.  I was WIPED.

Sunday, we had church and sunday school and then Jake had to work :(  I did some training for my internship online and then headed over to my parents house for the afternoon.  I ended up falling asleep there for like an hour before dinner...whoops.  Dinner was good and I enjoyed hanging out with the fam.  We had brats, potato salad, and deviled eggs and Mom made pound cake with strawberries and cool whip for dessert. Then I went back to Jake's parents house to get some work done.  Nicole was the only person home most of the night so I just sat around and read and waited for Jake to get off work. Boring.

Monday, Jake and I slept until 11. It was amazing, even if it messed me up for today.  We just kinda relaxed and got stuff done around the house until dinner time. Jake's dad grilled brats, hamburgers, and asparagus and his mom made cheesy potato casserole, cheesy broccoli casserole, strawberry pie, and another pie that I think probably kind of tastes like a chocolate chip cookie? Not sure. It was a FEAST though. I went to bed full.  Of course I tried going to bed right at like...9:30. I hadn't even been up for 12 hours so it wasn't happening.  We didn't end up falling asleep until after midnight and I had to be up at 6:15. Jake's at work for the whole night tonight so I'm gonna call a night in like...an hour...lol. It's gonna be early to bed for this girl tonight.

I hope everyone had fabulous Memorial Day weekends!

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