Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

I'm determined not to fall of this blogging wagon for months on end again. So while our weekend was fairly boring, here it is!

I've been sick for the last week...not ben really sick. Just allergies...and a horrible cough that gets so bad at night that I'm not sleeping very well. So momma's been sleeping on the couch and daddy has been getting up with the baby at night if she wakes up. God bless him...he's the best!

Friday - my friend Kristen just got back from Thailand a month ago and she was supposed to come over but with how crappy I was feeling, that didn't work out. 
 I can't even remember what else we did.  I think Friday was the day that Adelyn took 2 awesome naps for the first time in weeks...and hasn't done that since then. Homegirl was all about skipping her afternoon naps and now she's skipping her morning ones. Momma can't catch a break.
Jake got home...I think Friday night was the night we went out and got dinner and brought it back home. Little Caesar's for Jake, Moe's and Smoothie King for me.
Adelyn wouldn't let me drink my smoothie without demanding a sip of her own. Now that she's figured out straws, it's hopeless to try and drink anything around her.
Boring night. We went to bed early I think. 

Saturday - I was supposed to go to the STS opening with Courtney but I'm coughing up my lungs currently and needed to catch up on some relaxing.
Jake let me sleep in a little...then he did a lot of housework that I've been slacking on because I'm basically a walking zombie. Ayiyi. See a theme over this weekend?
Jake's mom came over for a little bit and hung out with Adelyn and ate dinner with us. She watched Adelyn while we went to the store to get the ingredients to make "slutty brownies"...because my husband is all class.
Cookie dough, oreos, brownie mix. They're actually pretty good. 
We ate brownies and started watching a really crappy movie on netflix. We turned it off before we finished it and went to bed early again.

Sunday - Church in the morning....I'm ready for warmer weather so Adelyn can wear her cute spring and summer clothes to church!
The sermon was awesome...convicting and humbling and just what I needed!
After church I cleaned a little and Jake did some yard work and finally took our Christmas lights down...don't judge.
My mom and sister came over and we ate lunch.
Jake took a nap, my sister watched Adelyn, and my mom and I did a little more shopping for Adelyn's birthday...mostly just stuff for the cake and favor bags for the kids. It was a good afternoon!
Adelyn skipped her afternoon nap...of she went to bed fairly early and Jake and I ate dinner and watched Jobs...loved it! I read the Steve Jobs book and it was super interesting to me so I loved seeing it all acted out. That man may have been a ginormous jerk but he was also a genius. And since I'm writing this all up on my Macbook...I have to say thanks to him!

Adelyn woke us up screaming at 1am...Jake went in to change her while I went down to make her bottle, as usual. All the sudden Jake is yelling for me to come up and help him when I can. Homegirl had pooped ALLLLL the way up her back. She even had poop on her arm. 
So we took a bath at 1 in the morning.
Then we overslept this morning by over an hour. Whoops.

I don't have any pictures from this weekend...I figured no one wanted a picture of me sleeping on the couch or Adelyn's poopy nightmare. So here's a picture from Thursday!

I went to my parents' house and my mom and I made Adelyn's birthday banner!
Just need to add some baby pictures to it and it will be ready to hang in our house for the party! Can't believe her birthday is just 2 weeks away! Where did the time go?

So that was our super lame weekend....although with a baby, nothing is ever too boring :) 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

Ohhhh this weekend...sigh. Why do the weekends go by so quickly? Why do they start off like a completely blank slate and then suddenly plans on top of plans on top of plans fill them up? Why is it always the weekends when the babies in the world decide not to sleep? Life's questions...

What did we do this weekend? My sleep deprived brain can't even remember.

Friday - Our parents' church was having their missions conference and one of our friends was speaking at the conference. 
So we trekked the 45 minutes to our hometown. 
Ate pizza. 
Caught up with some friends we haven't seen in awhile. 
It was a good night. A late night.

She's pretty cute...if I do say so myself.

 So good to see Blake and Angie!

Saturday - Jake was on fussy/sick baby duty while I went out to get coffee with Courtney, a friend from church. 
We sat and drank coffee and talked for almost THREE hours...clearly mamas needed some socialization.
After that I suggested that we go out to either lunch or dinner to celebrate Jake's raise! So proud of him and all the hard work he does! 
Since Adelyn was covering everyone in snot every time she sneezed sick, we decided she probably didn't need to go out with us. So we went back to Jake's parent's house and they babysat Adelyn while we went out and got burgers. Jake's choice :)
Then we hung out with my parents for a little bit. Came home. Played with Adelyn. I put her to bed while Jake got us ice cream!
She cried and fussed and coughed and sneezed and eventually fell asleep.
We went up to bed around 10pm. She was waking up crying every 10-15 minutes because she was so stuffed up she couldn't breathe. So I went and sat in her rocking chair in her room and played a lot of Candy Crush and Disney trivia on QuizUp while she slept. It was exhausting but I mostly just felt awful for her. She wouldn't let me put her down without crying because she would instantly get super congested again.
However, she did turn 11 months old! Can't believe it's less than a month until I have a toddler. Where did the time go?!

Such a big girl!

Sunday - Jake got up with Adelyn around 7:30...which meant I could go to sleep! Yay!
I slept on and off from about 8 to noon.
 I hate sleeping that late into the day because half the day is gone already but I didn't have a choice after getting no sleep the night before.
Jake took care of Adelyn (and me) for the day. We watched Catching Fire while she took a nap. 
Then it was a night of laundry and cleaning up the house.
We were in bed a little after 9 and asleep by 10! 
PTL she actually slept last night....even if she woke me up with her coughing on more than one occasion.

A good weekend overall! Low-key but not too boring :)
And now either my sinuses are swelling my throat, I'm getting what Adelyn has, or I'm starting to get strep. My throat is hurting something fierce right now. So once Adelyn finally decides to take this nap (pretty please, baby!) it's nap time for mama, too.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sometimes mommas need a day off...

After the whiny cry fest that was yesterday morning (both on Adelyn's and my part) Jake decided to take a vacation day today so I could get a break.
A break includes, but is not limited to: grocery shopping alone, vacuuming while the baby is awake with no fear of waking her up, cleaning the bathrooms while she is awake with no fear of waking her up, showering during the day, and heading up to Barnes and Noble to spend some quiet time with God in a place that isn't my home. Oh and blogging for the second day in a row. Holler.
I love my husband. Just for being him, obviously. But I appreciate his awareness of when I'm struggling and in need of a break and his willingness to take over. He's pretty much a super hero. I don't know how he does it all.

Even though yesterday morning got off to a horrific rough start, it ended on a better note. Once Adelyn finally decided a nap was a good idea, she slept for 2 hours.
We then went to the mall because spring is approaching and a new season bath and body work soaps and candles...obvs.

Then I made the mistake of going up to The Children's Place. They make 4 dollar tshirts that my child will wear all of once before she grows again sound like a steal. Ayiyi. I'm super stingy about how much clothing costs...but anything for the princess.
Anyhow, I realized Adelyn didn't have an Easter dress yet! And since it's her first Easter, this is obviously a priority.

We left with this gem. Love love love!

The best part was this sweater we got with it...for 4 bucks. I got both the dress and sweater for what the original price of the dress was. That's a win in my book. 

We also went into Gymboree. Big mistake. Not as cheap as The Children's Place. Although that Cherry Blossom took a lot of will power to leave without any of it.

As we were heading out of the store an elderly woman walked by with her middle aged son. She saw Adelyn in the stroller and said hi. I smiled and almost kept walking but stopped and said hi to the woman and she went on and on about how cute Adelyn was and what a pretty name she had and so on and so forth. Her son told me she was a mother of 14 (!) so she couldn't help but stop and look at babies while they were out. I was happy to stop and brighten this woman's day just by having a baby with me but as we were leaving the son thanked me multiple times for stopping and almost seemed apologetic.

I'm not telling this story to make myself look good or get credit for being nice. I'm, probably too pridefully, thrilled when people want to stop and say how cute my baby is. I think she's pretty much the cutest. It obviously made that woman's day to stop and talk to my baby for 2 minutes, tops, so why would her son feel the need to apologetically thank me? I'm sure I put off the persona of the "busy" mom the whole time I was in the mall. We had nowhere to be and no schedule but I was rushing through the mall, all the same. We're just a fast paced and busy society that we feel guilty when we "waste" someone's time or hinder their plans in any way. I left feeling a little guilty that I may have done anything to make them feel like they were inconveniencing me in any way.

I'm writing this story as a reminder to myself...1) Because I started rereading my blog yesterday and some of my favorite stories are the every day things that happened that I forgot about until I read them and 2) To remind myself to be more flexible. To be more giving of my time. To always take the time to stop and talk to the little old lady who loves babies. To take the time to brighten anyone's day when it's possible. I don't ever want to get so wrapped up in my own "busy" life that I don't take the time to do life with those around me, whether their friends, family, or strangers.

Anyhow...I'll stop being philosophical now. Time to get started on the day's there's a CUTE little girl jabbering away at a remote control right now...clearly it's VERY interesting.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Why hello, stranger

I can't even remember the last time I blogged. Not that we've been busy...I've just gotten out of the habit...but I feel like it is definitely time to start again. It will probably be sporadic. Not that there's many people out there who read this. Who knows, maybe one day it will warm up here and we can get out of this house and have something to write about.

Let's see...Adelyn is almost 11 months old. Holy cow.
I've started planning a birthday party. Because I almost have a 1 year old.
A toddler.
What the what.

We were playing a game I found on an app. I hid a ball under a bowl and she was supposed to pick up the bowl to find the ball. Well apparently bowls are way more fun to play with. Lesson learned.

This app though...Knoala. So amazing. Yesterday seemed like such a breeze.
It has activities that it suggests for your child based on their age and the weather.
You can choose indoor, outdoor, bath time activities, etc. You can choose cognitive, emotional, artistic, and other skill sets to work on. So awesome.
A stay at home momma's dream. At least mine.

I think my biggest struggle with staying at home is finding something to keep miss thang entertained.
She's at the age where she's so interested in everything but she isn't super independent yet.
She's so strong willed, though. She knows what she wants.
She knows she may not be able to get to what she wants but you can. So she'll cry at you until you do things her way.
It's going to be a long 18 years.

Seriously though...I love being home with her. But it's HARD.
Today Jake went into work like 4 hours late because she's teething (perpetually...for about the last 6 months) and was just a total fuss bucket alllll morning.
There were tears. And not just from the baby.
But I wouldn't trade it for anything. There are moments where I would love a job out of the home to get to disconnect for awhile and have some social interaction but I also can't imagine doing all the cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, baby hugging and kissing, and not being home for 40+ hours a week. Major props to you moms who work out of the house. You have so much of my respect. 

Also, PTL that Jake has a job with flexible hours where he can go in 4 hours late and just take some PTO...this momma would be even crazier than she already is without that.

The baby is stirring and that means it's time to go grocery shopping...and maybe just maybe walk around the mall and stock up on some springtime bath & body works soap and candles!

Happy Wednesday!