Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Why hello, stranger

I can't even remember the last time I blogged. Not that we've been busy...I've just gotten out of the habit...but I feel like it is definitely time to start again. It will probably be sporadic. Not that there's many people out there who read this. Who knows, maybe one day it will warm up here and we can get out of this house and have something to write about.

Let's see...Adelyn is almost 11 months old. Holy cow.
I've started planning a birthday party. Because I almost have a 1 year old.
A toddler.
What the what.

We were playing a game I found on an app. I hid a ball under a bowl and she was supposed to pick up the bowl to find the ball. Well apparently bowls are way more fun to play with. Lesson learned.

This app though...Knoala. So amazing. Yesterday seemed like such a breeze.
It has activities that it suggests for your child based on their age and the weather.
You can choose indoor, outdoor, bath time activities, etc. You can choose cognitive, emotional, artistic, and other skill sets to work on. So awesome.
A stay at home momma's dream. At least mine.

I think my biggest struggle with staying at home is finding something to keep miss thang entertained.
She's at the age where she's so interested in everything but she isn't super independent yet.
She's so strong willed, though. She knows what she wants.
She knows she may not be able to get to what she wants but you can. So she'll cry at you until you do things her way.
It's going to be a long 18 years.

Seriously though...I love being home with her. But it's HARD.
Today Jake went into work like 4 hours late because she's teething (perpetually...for about the last 6 months) and was just a total fuss bucket alllll morning.
There were tears. And not just from the baby.
But I wouldn't trade it for anything. There are moments where I would love a job out of the home to get to disconnect for awhile and have some social interaction but I also can't imagine doing all the cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, baby hugging and kissing, and not being home for 40+ hours a week. Major props to you moms who work out of the house. You have so much of my respect. 

Also, PTL that Jake has a job with flexible hours where he can go in 4 hours late and just take some PTO...this momma would be even crazier than she already is without that.

The baby is stirring and that means it's time to go grocery shopping...and maybe just maybe walk around the mall and stock up on some springtime bath & body works soap and candles!

Happy Wednesday!


Sarah said...

Oh doll, I feel ya. I constantly struggle with 'sahm problems'... Honestly. If I could be a sahm 2 days a week & work 3 days a week... I would be the happiest mom in the world lol. I'm going to try out that app!! And she is almost one... work on getting her another sibling. She will be entertained for the rest of her childhood ;)

Kate said...

Hi Katie! This is random, but I just have to tell you I really really appreciate the way you express your opinions without belittling those who do things differently than you. I was incredibly refreshed when I read this blog post. I know I’m probably not your intended audience, but I saw the link you posted and I love blogs so I read it… One of my biggest pet peeves is the woman-to-woman shaming we seem to do in our society and after I read your post, I smiled. You perfectly expressed feeling overwhelmed, mentioned how hard it may be for women that work outside the home, but didn’t allow for the belittlement of yourself OR the women who work 40 hour weeks. I know you don’t need reassurance from a random high school facebook friend, but I wanted to tell you I’m inspired by your attitude and the way you carry yourself as a woman and mother. :) -Katie Nickrent