Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

I'm determined not to fall of this blogging wagon for months on end again. So while our weekend was fairly boring, here it is!

I've been sick for the last week...not ben really sick. Just allergies...and a horrible cough that gets so bad at night that I'm not sleeping very well. So momma's been sleeping on the couch and daddy has been getting up with the baby at night if she wakes up. God bless him...he's the best!

Friday - my friend Kristen just got back from Thailand a month ago and she was supposed to come over but with how crappy I was feeling, that didn't work out. 
 I can't even remember what else we did.  I think Friday was the day that Adelyn took 2 awesome naps for the first time in weeks...and hasn't done that since then. Homegirl was all about skipping her afternoon naps and now she's skipping her morning ones. Momma can't catch a break.
Jake got home...I think Friday night was the night we went out and got dinner and brought it back home. Little Caesar's for Jake, Moe's and Smoothie King for me.
Adelyn wouldn't let me drink my smoothie without demanding a sip of her own. Now that she's figured out straws, it's hopeless to try and drink anything around her.
Boring night. We went to bed early I think. 

Saturday - I was supposed to go to the STS opening with Courtney but I'm coughing up my lungs currently and needed to catch up on some relaxing.
Jake let me sleep in a little...then he did a lot of housework that I've been slacking on because I'm basically a walking zombie. Ayiyi. See a theme over this weekend?
Jake's mom came over for a little bit and hung out with Adelyn and ate dinner with us. She watched Adelyn while we went to the store to get the ingredients to make "slutty brownies"...because my husband is all class.
Cookie dough, oreos, brownie mix. They're actually pretty good. 
We ate brownies and started watching a really crappy movie on netflix. We turned it off before we finished it and went to bed early again.

Sunday - Church in the morning....I'm ready for warmer weather so Adelyn can wear her cute spring and summer clothes to church!
The sermon was awesome...convicting and humbling and just what I needed!
After church I cleaned a little and Jake did some yard work and finally took our Christmas lights down...don't judge.
My mom and sister came over and we ate lunch.
Jake took a nap, my sister watched Adelyn, and my mom and I did a little more shopping for Adelyn's birthday...mostly just stuff for the cake and favor bags for the kids. It was a good afternoon!
Adelyn skipped her afternoon nap...of she went to bed fairly early and Jake and I ate dinner and watched Jobs...loved it! I read the Steve Jobs book and it was super interesting to me so I loved seeing it all acted out. That man may have been a ginormous jerk but he was also a genius. And since I'm writing this all up on my Macbook...I have to say thanks to him!

Adelyn woke us up screaming at 1am...Jake went in to change her while I went down to make her bottle, as usual. All the sudden Jake is yelling for me to come up and help him when I can. Homegirl had pooped ALLLLL the way up her back. She even had poop on her arm. 
So we took a bath at 1 in the morning.
Then we overslept this morning by over an hour. Whoops.

I don't have any pictures from this weekend...I figured no one wanted a picture of me sleeping on the couch or Adelyn's poopy nightmare. So here's a picture from Thursday!

I went to my parents' house and my mom and I made Adelyn's birthday banner!
Just need to add some baby pictures to it and it will be ready to hang in our house for the party! Can't believe her birthday is just 2 weeks away! Where did the time go?

So that was our super lame weekend....although with a baby, nothing is ever too boring :) 

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Sarah said...

hang in there mama! allergies are the absolute worst when you are trying to take care of babies.

and that banner?! so stinkin cute!!