Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sometimes mommas need a day off...

After the whiny cry fest that was yesterday morning (both on Adelyn's and my part) Jake decided to take a vacation day today so I could get a break.
A break includes, but is not limited to: grocery shopping alone, vacuuming while the baby is awake with no fear of waking her up, cleaning the bathrooms while she is awake with no fear of waking her up, showering during the day, and heading up to Barnes and Noble to spend some quiet time with God in a place that isn't my home. Oh and blogging for the second day in a row. Holler.
I love my husband. Just for being him, obviously. But I appreciate his awareness of when I'm struggling and in need of a break and his willingness to take over. He's pretty much a super hero. I don't know how he does it all.

Even though yesterday morning got off to a horrific rough start, it ended on a better note. Once Adelyn finally decided a nap was a good idea, she slept for 2 hours.
We then went to the mall because spring is approaching and a new season bath and body work soaps and candles...obvs.

Then I made the mistake of going up to The Children's Place. They make 4 dollar tshirts that my child will wear all of once before she grows again sound like a steal. Ayiyi. I'm super stingy about how much clothing costs...but anything for the princess.
Anyhow, I realized Adelyn didn't have an Easter dress yet! And since it's her first Easter, this is obviously a priority.

We left with this gem. Love love love!

The best part was this sweater we got with it...for 4 bucks. I got both the dress and sweater for what the original price of the dress was. That's a win in my book. 

We also went into Gymboree. Big mistake. Not as cheap as The Children's Place. Although that Cherry Blossom took a lot of will power to leave without any of it.

As we were heading out of the store an elderly woman walked by with her middle aged son. She saw Adelyn in the stroller and said hi. I smiled and almost kept walking but stopped and said hi to the woman and she went on and on about how cute Adelyn was and what a pretty name she had and so on and so forth. Her son told me she was a mother of 14 (!) so she couldn't help but stop and look at babies while they were out. I was happy to stop and brighten this woman's day just by having a baby with me but as we were leaving the son thanked me multiple times for stopping and almost seemed apologetic.

I'm not telling this story to make myself look good or get credit for being nice. I'm, probably too pridefully, thrilled when people want to stop and say how cute my baby is. I think she's pretty much the cutest. It obviously made that woman's day to stop and talk to my baby for 2 minutes, tops, so why would her son feel the need to apologetically thank me? I'm sure I put off the persona of the "busy" mom the whole time I was in the mall. We had nowhere to be and no schedule but I was rushing through the mall, all the same. We're just a fast paced and busy society that we feel guilty when we "waste" someone's time or hinder their plans in any way. I left feeling a little guilty that I may have done anything to make them feel like they were inconveniencing me in any way.

I'm writing this story as a reminder to myself...1) Because I started rereading my blog yesterday and some of my favorite stories are the every day things that happened that I forgot about until I read them and 2) To remind myself to be more flexible. To be more giving of my time. To always take the time to stop and talk to the little old lady who loves babies. To take the time to brighten anyone's day when it's possible. I don't ever want to get so wrapped up in my own "busy" life that I don't take the time to do life with those around me, whether their friends, family, or strangers.

Anyhow...I'll stop being philosophical now. Time to get started on the day's there's a CUTE little girl jabbering away at a remote control right now...clearly it's VERY interesting.


Amy Hendricks said...

Good words Katie. Enjoy your day, you deserve it!

pam nelson said...

You made me tear up. Your honesty and tenderness and intuition are wonderful gifts. You also are wise beyond your years to remind yourself to ssslllooowww down. I missed many a opportunity to meet someone new.
thank you for sharing.