Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Beauty Routine

Ok so I'm not very good at keeping up with this blog...but lately I've been researching a lot (aka reading everything Food Babe and Mama Natural post on Facebook) about all of the harmful chemicals in our beauty supplies. So I've started a few new routines using kitchen supplies! 

But first...some holiday pictures from last weekend :)

Adelyn and my cousin Alyssa throwing shade :)

Patriotic girl

Loving on Aunt Hanna...unless you look closer and see that she was really trying to shove her fingers in her mouth...

Happy 4th from the Nelsons!

Anywho...on to this new night time face washing routine I've started. It all started when I found this website:
Seriously....everything we were using was in the bad category :/ This list was pretty overwhelming to me at first so I decided to just try to improve one category at a time.
Skin care was the first thing I decided to change...I'm HORRIBLE about remembering to wash my face at night. I rarely wear make up (score bad chemicals on my face if I just don't wear make up!) so I don't want to take the time to wash my face...which is awful. 
Really...the past week or so I've seen SO much improvement on my complexion because of JP capsules! Amazing what good nutrition will do for your skin! But it was seeing these improvements that made me think hmmm how great can my skin look if I actually start taking care of it!

So Monday night I decided to try washing my face with lemon and honey. Just cut a lemon in half, put a few drops of honey on it and rub it around your face. Let it sit for 5 minutes (I just wait until my skin starts to feel kind of weird because of the honey drying) and then rinse it off. 
I follow this up with an apple cider vinegar toner. 1 part ACV to 2 parts water, dip a cotton ball in it, rub it around on your face. Rinse. At first I thought my skin smelled too much like vinegar but once you rinse it isn't too bad.
Last step...coconut oil moisturizer! I went to Whole Foods yesterday and got some organic extra virgin coconut oil (the pinterest article I read suggested this because it would have  lower melting point and wouldn't clog pores). I scooped some in a bowl, mixed it with a hand mixer until it was a creamy, lotion-y texture, then put it in a small 4 oz mason jar that I bought at Target. It feels weird to put oil on your face and just leave it there and it definitely doesn't take much. My face smelled like coconut...which was weird in a good way. By the time I actually went to sleep, my face didn't even feel greasy anymore. This morning, my face is SO soft. Seriously...awesome!
And the best part harmful chemicals! Raw, local honey. Organic ACV. Organic coconut oil. Such an easy replacement.

Eventually, I want to make improvements in all of the areas listed on the website, but we're also on a pretty tight budget. I'm excited to keep doing this nightly routine and see improvements in my skin!