Friday, June 3, 2011

Confession Friday

First of all, I'd like to wish my Mom and Uncle Mike a VERY happy birthday!!  You are both amazing people and I don't know where I'd be without you...especially Momma :)

I confess that I love Fridays when I haven't been into work since Wednesday....I thought yesterday was Friday/Saturday. I thought today was Thursday/Saturday when I woke up. I love that part about summer...never knowing what day of the week it is.

I confess that I'm getting all sicky. Boo. I don't know if it's sinuses or something I caught form some little kiddos at my internship.  Either way, I'm sick of all this pressure/snot in my head. Guh-rossss.

I confess that my plans today are to catch up on 16 & Pregnant, The Voice, and watch reruns of The Hills on Netflix. Don't judge me.

I confess that the bar scene is obviously not for me. We went to watch Nicole (Jake's sister) perform last night and I felt like an old person. I hated half the bands because their music was ridiculously loud (to cover up how bad the lead singer was, I'm sure) and I felt like the whole place was too dirty and creepy to order any kind of drink...unless it came in a bottle and even then I was skeptical.  And I made sure to hold my pee until we got home because I was not going near those bathrooms. I sound like a huge snob.  But was decorated with Halloween decorations. Ew.

I also confess that I'm pretty sure half the people at the bar last night were staring at me while I played Angry Birds on Jake's phone waiting for Nicole to go on because they knew I was completely out of place. Oh well.

I confess that I kind of feel like I'm in a rut. I feel like nothing I do on a daily basis is helping others out in any way and it has no impact on others.  I feel this huge desire to serve and I have no idea where or how to start that...or maybe I just lie to myself and say that when really my heart isn't fully in it :/

I confess that I can be way too judgmental of others. And I jump to way too many conclusions without any evidence. I don't like that about myself.

How about you guys....any confessions!?

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