Friday, June 17, 2011

Confession Friday

Sorry for being such a boringggg blogger lately guys! Not much to tell here I guess and I'm not really sure anyone actually reads this blog anyway...haha.'s Friday and you know what that means!

I confess that I've been a big mopey crabby mess this week. I have no idea what my deal is but I'm starting to annoy myself so I feel bad for my husband.  Of course he's great though and would never say anything about what a jerk I can be.

I confess that I have NO desire to go back to school in the fall.  At all.  I just want to keep working here or volunteering or something.  None of my classes are teaching me anything worthwhile anyway.  I'm learning way more through experience here than I am in school.

I confess that I keep getting cold sores in my mouth and they're getting freakin ridiculous.  I used to get one every once in a while but now I have one at all times.  They hurt and they make me eat all weird because I can't close my mouth completely. Hate it!!

I confess that I'm officially an old person....I'm ready for bed at like 9pm every night. It's ridiculous.

I confess that I'm trying to stop drinking caffeine....once again. Good luck with that right?  I'm challenging myself to do it until we leave on our mission trip in 8 days and then I'm allowing myself to cheat because we'll be driving and getting fast food on the way and I really love Dr. Pepper...haha.

I confess that I treat my cat like a child...I feel like I've confessed this before.  But seriously...he sleeps in bed with me, I give him little kisses, cover him with blankets when he's sleeping, and just like playing with him and watching him sleep. Creeper I know.  It's going to be 239408230 times worse when I have human babies. Ayiyi.

I confess that I'm I should probably get going and get some lunch.

Your turn! Leave me something to read in my boredom!


Cassie said...

girl, do what you love!! i feel college is sooooo over rated. look at walt disney, not a lick of college. and who isn't jealous of him?!

Katie said...

I wish...haha. Unfortunately, I want to be an adoption agent and it requires AT LEAST a Bachelor's and they'd prefer a Master's (which isn't happening). Still think college is over-rated and you get so much more experience from just DOING the job but...whatevs.