Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up - Roombas and Dewclaws

It was a quiet weekend around here BUT in an effort to blog more, I'll do a quick recap.

The weekend's theme: cleaning. Fun stuff, right?! We actually got a Roomba last week so it was kind of fun.

But first...a massage. That's right. My sweet husband booked me a massage first thing on Saturday morning so I got to spend an hour being pampered into a coma. After the massage I went to get lunch, with a book as my date, and when it was time to pay I just stood there staring in my purse for 10 seconds before my brain started working enough to pull out my wallet. That massage turned my brain into mush in the best way.

We spent the afternoon on Saturday cleaning. Organizing the bedrooms and getting all the floors cleaned off so we could let the Roomba do it's thing. I don't even want to talk about the amount of fur I found under our bed. So if you hate vacuuming, as I do, go invest in a Roomba. Totally worth it to just block a room off and clear off the floor and let that little machine go crazy.

Sunday morning I woke up with a migraine so super dad Jake got the kids up and ready and took them to church. And then the day got crazy. Long story short - we have a clumsy dog with dewclaws.  Trip, our dog, came inside yelping after being out in the yard, which usually means he tweaked his ACL (long story there, too). So Jake brought him in and got him settled down and Trip went and laid by the front door while Derek napped. Once Derek was up, I called Trip into the living room because I was going to close the gate and let Derek run crazy and I didn't want him hurting Trip's leg. When Trip got up he was holding his back leg out at a super weird angle and hobbling around. Jake looked closer at him and realized he hadn't tweaked his ACL, he had ripped a dewclaw halfway off his foot. What's a dewclaw, you ask?

Letter D is a dewclaw

Apparently, the dewclaw is pretty much useless and not all dogs have them. A lot of the time, owners will have their dogs dewclaws surgically prevent what ended up happening to Trip. So Trip has this claw hanging off his foot while Jake called the vet and got him in for an appointment ASAP. They ended up having to do surgery to remove the dewclaw. The vet said she has no idea how he managed to injure himself in that way and she had never seen another dog come in with an injury like that. Ironic, because I was listening to a trivia podcast last week and they were talking about dewclaws and how in Asian cultures they are considered good luck. I think we can safely say that Trip has disproved that theory. 

So the next 2 weeks involve taking Trip out on a leash so he doesn't tear the stitches, lots of antibiotics and pain meds, and a nice cone on his head. Never a dull moment in this house.

Not much else has been going on around here - although we are in countdown mode for a little girl's 4th birthday. As she says "It's March and after March it's April and then my birthday!!" I have no idea when she turned into a little human but please slow down!

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