Friday, July 29, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess that I saw Harry Potter last weekend and got a little teared up in a few parts. Especially the part with Snape (I'll try not to ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet).  Love stories like that just get me really emotional but then they also make me think of the greatest love story ever written...that Christ died for me when my sinful nature was undeserving and hateful towards Him. How amazing!

Speaking of movies...I confess that I kept hearing about this Captain America movie and I got pretty excited...until I realized I was confusing Captain America with Captain Planet. I have no idea who Captain America is. I really want to watch some reruns of Captain Planet though. :/ Embarrassing? Maybe.

I confess that I started writing confessions earlier this week just saving the post with intentions to go back through and edit them throughout the week when I thought of them....except I never came back to them so those are the 2 I got down this week...and now it's Friday and I can't think of any confessions.

I confess that I ate too much Taco Bell tonight. I feel sicky :(

I confess that after a year of marriage it is still hard for me to sleep if I'm away from my husband :(  I know a lot of people seem to get over that pretty quickly but I guess I'm just too used to being in the same bed as him. I miss cuddling at night :(

I confess that I go back and forth on a daily basis on how quickly I want to have children once I graduate.  I love babies and I can't wait to start having them with Jake but babies grow up and I don't think I'm ready for actual CHILDREN. Scary. Plus I kind of like it just being us some days and I know we won't get that back for decades after we start having kids. I'm too wishy washy for these kinds of decisions.

I confess that I have a lot of tv shows to catch up on so this is going to be a short one! What are your confessions?

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