Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Hmm....I always forget what happened Friday...oh right...I had my internship all day.  Went to my parents' house afterwards and then we went to see HP7 Part 2.  It was pretty good.  There were some plot changes that seemed unnecessary but I just love the story! I admit I am a Harry Potter fanatic at heart.  After the movie we went to Jake's parents' house for a little bit to see his fam and Luna the puppy :) She is a chunker! I think after that it was probably an early night to bed.  Actually I think Jake stayed up and read Pretty Little Liars with me...he's going to kill me for putting that up on here...oh well.

Saturday - Jake had a 5K in the morning and I packed all our stuff up to head back home.  We went to his grandparents' house for a little bit to visit them and his cousin, Jenni, and her husband and kids while they were in town.  We made the boring trip back down and did NOTHING. It was nice. I'm trying to think of anything significant we did but I think we just chilled and enjoyed our apartment.  Nick came over for a split second so we could grill him about this engagement with Angie :) Makes my heart smile.  That was about it for interesting right?

Sunday - I woke up to my stomach hurting BAD. I had some intestinal issues going on so Jake went to church and I laid down and watched Chicago.  I felt fine until I tried moving.  Jake went to grab some groceries after church and his hands were full so I had to open the door for him...bad move.  I got really dizzy and hot and then went and threw up.  Lovely, right?  Jake was a wonderful care taker though.  He spent part of the day cleaning while I relaxed and watched tv.  We took a nap and I felt a little better after that.  Then we spent another evening relaxing :) It was fantastic, much needed, alone time...minus the sick part.

Did any of you have more exciting weekends than we did?

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Adrien said...

I love Harry Potter and I have yet to see the last one! I usually get pretty ticked at all the unnecessary plot changes they make. Still, I can't wait to see it!