Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

The weekend always goes by too fast...especially when I actually have things to do Monday.

Friday - Internship all day. Kind of sucked actually because I was supposed to get off at 4:30 and Jake and I were going to celebrate our anniversary at the hotel we spent our wedding night at.  Jake got to the hotel around 2ish.  Then some crisis situations came up and Kristina needed me to go on a meeting that she could not longer make it I called Jake and of course he was an amazing, understanding husband.  So I got there a little before 6 instead. We had a great dinner and dessert. Unfortunately, the week wore me out and I was passed out by like 9pm. SO lame. Oh well.

Saturday - Just kind of chilled around Jake's parents house until about 3:30 when we went to get a PUPPY! She's the cutest little thing ever. That family is lucky...I'm gonna miss her being around when we go home :( Her name is Luna and she's part German Shepherd and part Australian Shepherd. She's totally adorable. So obviously we played with her all night.

Sunday - Church...our mission team talked about the week in West Virginia during Sunday School.  It made me miss WV and the kiddos there a whole bunch.  Jake and I had lunch with my parents after church and then Jake fell asleep, of course, while Mom, Bekah, and I watched some Harry Potter.  Went back to Jake's parents and Nicole, Hanna, and I took Luna to her first Starbucks trip :)
Puppy's first Starbucks experience!

The nice man in the drive-thru window gave her a cup of whipped cream. It was cute until we took it away from her and she tried eating my frap's whipped cream...

Licking that whipped cream off her face! Such a cute little girl!

Obviously the most spoiled dog ever. She's worth it though! After we got back, Jake and I went to see Aaron (the pastor that married us) and his wife and 3 kids. Their son is 2 and a half years old and their twin daughters will be 1 in August. HANDFUL. It was a really fun visit and so good to see them all!  After that visit Jake had to go back to our apartment for his internship meeting Monday.  I spent the night getting blizzards with my family and going back to Jake's parent's house and watching Nicole shove 8 pieces of double bubble in her mouth :) Unfortunately, no pictures were taken.  I went to sleep after reading some Twilight and Nigel cuddled with me under the blankets :) Poor kitty is getting neglected with a new pet in the house.

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend! What did you all do!?

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