Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up of the best weekends I've had in a long time :) I love seeing two great friends who love each other so much get married!

Friday - We got up pretty darn early at Hannah's house and headed to her grandma's to set up the reception tent. It was a lot of work but with so many family members there it didn't take too long!  We had lunch at her aunt's house and then headed to the hotel to shower before the rehearsal dinner.  Hannah, Eric, Kyle (the best man and Eric's brother), and I headed to the church about an hour and a half early when the musicians were practicing the music.  The rehearsal went great and dinner was delish.  Little bits of unnecessary drama here and there but it is what it is.  After the dinner we went back to one of the rooms and bedazzled our flip flops that we were wearing to the reception :) Of course I stayed up too late hanging out with Hannah and her cousins but eventually got to bed and slept HARD. It was a long, exhausting, fun day.

Saturday - WEDDING DAY! Headed over to the church around 9 so Hannah could get ready.  We started taking pictures around 11.  Hannah looked beautiful, of course. I haven't had time to put the pictures on my computer yet but when I do they will eventually get put up on facebook!  The wedding went great and everything pretty much went as planned. I cried a few times, of could I not?! We took a little hayride from the church to Hannah's grandparents house and had the reception.  It was a good time! Hannah and Eric eventually pulled out to start their honeymoon and Jake and I left shortly afterwards to drive the 4 hours back to our apartment.   Another long day but SO worth it! Words cannot express how happy I am for Eric and Hannah :)

Sunday - 8:45am came way too early for Sunday School and church but we made it.  Had to run some errands afterwards and then we just came back, ate lunch, I watched Clue while Jake napped on the couch, then we both went back into the bedroom to nap some more.  After we woke up, we just kind of relaxed and watched some tv.  Jake played xbox while I read.  It was a nice, relaxing night at home...which doesn't happen as much as we would like it to lately.

Anything exciting happen for you all this weekend?

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