Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a wonderful, long weekend. Jake and I got to my parents' house Thursday night and just hung was nice to relax.  Friday, Jake had some meetings and my mom had a flat tire so a mother-daughter trip to Wal-Mart was called for. We picked out Easter candy and walked around wasting time until the car was done. Friday night we had Easter dinner with my parents and watched Harry Potter :) It was interrupted by the tornado sirens so the whole family (including the animals) went to the basement, except my dad, who ran around from door to door while singing "It's Raining Men."  Never a dull moment in that household.

Saturday, we went to Easter dinner with Jake's mom's side of the family.  The food was delicious and it was great to see some of the family! We then went back to Jake's parents' house and dyed Easter eggs.  Then Pam realized they had no vinegar so we did the tie-dying kit instead.  It was interesting...they didn't really look too tie-dyed. Then we ate dinner and had family movie night, pets included as always.  Nigel slept on my lap under a blanket while we watched Salt.  It was good in a corny and really unbelievable way.

Sunday was church. The service was really good.  It seems like it's so easy to not be affected by the Easter story because we hear it so often, at least for me. So it was good to just focus on the message again and really let it sink it. Christ, the Son of God, died for me and my sins. How amazing! Then we had Easter dinner with Jake's dad's side of the family.  We didn't get to stay really long because we were trying to make the 2 hour trip back home between storms.  The food was good and there were so many little kids around :) Family functions are so much more fun when there's little kids chasing each other around. Sadly, I took NO pictures this weekend :( I know, I failed big time. Sunday night was nice and relaxing though.  Jake and I just hung out, did laundry, unpacked, and watched 24. We're addicted. It's sad.

How was everyone's Easter?!

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