Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I had an epiphany about words today. I finished the book I was reading (Atonement) and the ending was so heavy and profound, basically about how you can write your own ending to stories. Life may turn out one way but with words you can literally write your story how you want it to turn out. Or at least that's what I took out of it.  I've also had some things going on lately where I realize the way that I phrase things could make all the difference on how these things turn out. As a whole, I think our society throws words around without putting too much thought into them. We LOVE certain foods and HATE school/work. Those are strong words, my friends. You can word something one way and have one effect on people and then word the same something in a totally different way and have a totally different effect on people. It's crazy.  I think a lot of the time we THINK we're getting the message across the same way that it is in our head but in reality it comes across completely differently. It's such a hard thing to wrap my mind around. I know what message I'm trying to convey with this post but will other people get the message that I meant for them to get or will they get something different out of it? Just a thought.

Other than that....it's raining again. Biiiiiig surprise. I'll be surprised if half the U.S. is above water by the end of this week.

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