Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Husband's Hospital Survival Kit

So last week I was reading Valerie's blog Along the Way with V and J and she made her husband this super cute hospital survival kit with some of his favorite snacks and books and toiletries to get him through the hospital stay when she has their baby. And I thought what a GREAT idea! So I made one for Jake...nothing too special or fancy and it was super quick and easy to do!

I packed the following in Jake's hospital survival kit:

-Snacks: Oreos (his favorite cookie), orange slices (his favorite candy), and a cookies and cream Hershey's bar. I also grabbed a 6 pack of little orange sodas since he's not a caffeine drinker but orange soda is his favorite.

-Toiletries: Travel sized shampoo/body wash, toothpaste and toothbrush, shaving cream, and a razor.

-Fun stuff: I got him an iTunes gift card. He's not a huge reader so I didn't want to get him a book just for the sake of getting him something to entertain himself.  However, he is always using his iPhone and iPad so I thought he could buy himself some apps to keep himself busy or even a book if he's feeling crazy!

So there you have it :) Of course I had to give it to him right away even though I'm only 35 weeks...I said it was because I've been having the contractions and we never know when she may come but really it's because I'm a child and can't keep gifts a secret once I buy them. I want to give them and see the person's reaction :) Should work out well as a parent!

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