Thursday, January 31, 2013

Not 30 weeks

So awhile back we had our 20 week ultrasound where they told me they were going to go with the April 11th due date that they originally had instead of the April 19th due date that they got at my 6 week ultrasound. So all of these tests they've been ordering have been based on the April 11th due date. Such as the non-stress test I had yesterday when I was supposed to be 29 weeks and 6 days. The non-stress test was non-reactive because baby girl is stubborn and didn't accelerate her heart rate until after I'd been in that room for over an hour and the doctor had ordered an ultrasound.  Then she started cooperating...obviously. She passed the biophysical ultrasound test thing with flying colors.  So then I had a doctor's appointment. The first one with my midwife who is actually delivering my baby since all of these complications started. She said in my chart the doctor had written that I wasn't supposed to have the non-stress test until next week but when he verbally gave the nurses the orders he said 1 week instead of 2. My midwife then went on to explain that she was going by the April 19th due date because first trimester ultrasounds are accurate within 3 days and I was only 28 weeks and 5 days so I shouldn't have had any of the testing done. Buhhhh.  Baby girl was measuring for an April 14th due date at the last ultrasound so I think I'm technically somewhere in the middle. At our 20 week one she was measuring for April 13th.  Either way she's pretty much right on track growth wise and weight wise.

In other news, I wish I had met with the dietitian about gestational diabetes a week ago.  When they told me I had gestational diabetes I started cutting out carbs everywhere that I could. Met with the dietitian and a diabetic educator yesterday and both were like you should never diet when you're pregnant and told me I need 15 servings of 15 grams of carbs a day. Obviously, I'm shooting for whole grain carbs and carbs from fruit and dairy and not from ice cream and potato chips but this girl can eat like a normal person again! So happy :) And I got my blood testing supplies and it doesn't at all. Which is awesome. Although, the thought of sticking myself with a needle still gets me. I've only tested my blood sugar twice since yesterday but both times it has been WELL below the amount it's supposed to be under. And one of those was 2 hours after eating 3 pieces of pepperoni pizza :/ so it's good to know that even when I wasn't eating the healthiest of meals, I probably still was not doing any harm to our baby at all.  So I'm much more relieved now. Just praying that by eating a well balanced diet I can control my blood sugar, not grow a ginormous baby, and that it all goes away after labor. But it's not the terrible, horrible, awful thing I thought it was and would be. And they reminded me that IT'S NOT MY FAULT. Which I need to keep reminding myself. Hormones cause this to happen...not my bad eating habits that showed themselves every once in awhile.

So no pregnancy update this week since we've moved back 8 days in the pregnancy...more time to prepare for baby but I'm just ready to meet her now!


Sara Cate said...

I hear you on the ever changing due date. Mine has gone from April 13 to 19 to 15 back to 13. I figure she'll come when she's good and ready!

Kim Luke said...

ugghhh! moving due dates back is no fun!!!!
As if it isn't long enough, that last week is the worst!!

Mine moved up by a few days with each kid.
Lay came 3 weeks early, so maybe your little will come early too! <3