Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Diaper Dilemma

As we prepare for baby Adelyn to make her appearance, my husband and I keep having the same discussion....cloth or disposable diapers?  As we look at our budget and see how much we'd save on a monthly basis by doing cloth, we're all for it. Especially since I'll be staying at home and we'll be a one income family.  However, I have my days where I feel like disposable would be so much more CONVENIENT and I feel like being lazy and not doing a load of diapers in the wash every single day. Plus, the start up cost is like 500 bucks...which we don't exactly have just lying around. So we're kind of at a crossroad and can't make up our minds. Any other bloggers out there who have experience either way or maybe some helpful cloth diapering tips? I just don't want my whole life to start revolving around diapers and when we need to pack disposable ones to go out with us and when they need to get done in the laundry in order to not run out....but I guess that's the life of a mom, right? Suddenly your life revolves around a lot of things that you never thought it would. Anyways...any tips or advice would be appreciated!


Sara Cate said...

I'm due in April, and we're looking at the same dilemma. In the end, we're going with disposable - just being realistic about how much I want to do laundry and the logistics of it. It's a close call - good luck with your decision!

Beth Metcalf said...

First, you can do both... I started cloth with James and did it for a while with Suzy until I realized the laundry was really more than I could do... Laundry for 5 is well, alot. After a while, I tended to pack disposables for church or times when we'd be away for a few hours. I used the cloth at home. You get in a routine.

There are lots of cute cloths, I have to admit that I really loved just using a prefold, snappi, cover.

I'm pretty sure we're going disposable this time, just being practical... laundry for 6... well, I don't see it being any easier :D