Monday, January 30, 2012

Day D - Did you know?

So as a pre-teen/young teenager I watched a lot of Suite Life of Zack and Cody...and I loved it. I am not ashamed. But there's one episode where the blonde girl (name? Idk?) goes on a double date with London and her date has to annoying announce random facts by saying "Did you know....?" in this super whiny know-it-all voice. So that's what this day made me think of. So here's so random useless facts that I got from here.

-Only one McDonald’s in the world has turquoise arches. Officials in Sedona, Arizona, thought yellow would clash with the natural red rock.
It's true!

- Walt Disney's famous "logo" signature wasn't really his; it was designed by a staff artist.

- Napoleon was a big fan of suspenders; he even had a pair decorated with bumblebees, the symbol of his native Corsica. *I found this interesting because my grandpa was also a big fan of suspenders :)

- In 1897, Indiana tried to pass a bill stating that pi is equal to 3.2, as opposed to its truly infinite value, but it never became law due to intervention by a Purdue University professor. 

- Pearls dissolve in vinegar.

- Turtles often bury their eggs in alligator nests. The mother alligator guards her nest so well, it ensures the safety of the turtles as well.

- Before Bob Ross became a TV painter, he spent 20 years in the U.S Air Force and retired with the rank of master sergeant.
I wonder if he put the other pilots to sleep with his voice?

- To assemble the Wizard's wardrobe for The Wizard of Oz, MGM costumes shopped at thrift stores to find clothes that projected "shabby gentility". In an incredible coincidence, the previous owner of the coat they purchased was Wizard of Oz writer L. Frank Baum.
I don't know if that last one is true...but that's crazy if it is :)

So there you have it. Totally random, probably pretty useless, maybe true facts...haha. After a long, stressful Monday, it was nice to read such mindless things :)


Cassie said...

i had to lol at the bob ross comment. lol. too funny.

but crazy to think he went from that to.....completely boring. lol.

Beth said...

I actually did know that about Bob Ross, but only because I have an unhealthy addiction to wikipedia :)

Kevin is always like "When are you coming to bed, what are you doing?" And I always say I'm reading...which is true - I'm so stinking curious about the most useless things! lol - so I found this post to be very interesting!!