Thursday, January 12, 2012

ABC Blogging!

Ok so I've seen a lot of people doing this ABC blogging and I really want to give it a try...I'm not very creative so I'll probably steal others ideas or just not do some of the days but we'll give it a shot!

1. Save the above picture and upload it on your first ABC Blog Challenge post with a credit link to this blog

2. Follow the below list of blog post topics. You can interpret them however you want. They don't have to be about you or your life...they can be about anything. Play around with them! 

3. Have fun with it!!


Day A - About Me
Day B - Blogger Blast
Day C - Credit A Friend
Day D - Did You Know
Day E - Explain To Me Why
Day F - Fast Forward Five Years
Day G - Growing By Leaps and Bounds
Day H - Hello Guest Blogger
Day I - Illegal Past
Day J - Junior High
Day K - Kiss and Tell
Day L - Lost Chance
Day M - Motivation Station
Day N - Notable Changes
Day O - Off Camera
Day P - Passionate About
Day Q - Quirky Habits
Day R - Regrets
Day S - Shocked At The Sight
Day T - Thing or Two About
Day U - Until Now
Day V - Virgo or Capricorn
Day W - What Does It Mean
Day X - X-Ray Of 
Day Y - Year Of Me
Day Z - Zero Letters Left

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