Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day B - Blogger Blast

School has started, I'm starting a second job next week, and I've officially sucked at keeping up on this ABC blogging thing. Oh wellll. I've been avoiding this day because I don't really know what to do but I also can't skip to day C so I guess I'll doing something quick and lame and give some fellow bloggers a little shout out! All the other ABC bloggers have had such cute blogger blast ideas and mine's kind of lame but...oh well.

There were two blogs that led to my decision to start blogging. Amy and Cassie. They both posted a link to one of their blogging entries around the same time. I did start secretly stalking you for a little while Cassie!

I decided to start this little blog and soon found SarahAdrien, and Kim through Cassie's blog. Beth also started blogging shortly after I did and I found her through a facebook post. There's a few other followers and people I follow mixed throughout but these girls are MUCH more faithful bloggers than I am. You should check out their blogs sometime :)

It's been a slow and somewhat steady start to the blogging but I know one day I'll appreciate every meaningless thing I write down now...and I owe it to all my fellow bloggers for helping me realize that!


Mary Cavalier said...

Second job?

Cassie said...

I love me a good blog stalker. Lol.