Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Great Tree Debate

Ok so I have 4 minutes until I need to leave for class....buuuuut seeing everyone putting up Christmas trees has got me thinking about Jake and I's great tree debate.

See, my family always had a fake tree that we put up together, while Jake's family always went and cut down a tree together.  So last year Jake and I went halfway and got a tree that had already been cut down.  It was a Charlie Brown tree if I've ever seen one. But we were poor married college students so the tree seemed appropriate.  It felt more Christmas-y to have a real tree and I love having the pine smell but it's so much more work! And the pine needles all over...goodness. Plus Nigel knocked it over once or twice so that didn't help the mess.

See what I mean? Puny little thing.

So what do you guys prefer? Real or fake? I love Christmas and everything about it. Every year I want to do more traditions and drink more hot chocolate and eat more candy canes and watch more Christmas movies...you get the idea. But this is one tradition that I don't know if we'll ever fully agree on! So I need a tally...are there more real or fake trees out there?!


Cassie said...

i'm a fake tree lover!!

especially if you are the one who always has to clean up the mess, then you should get to decide. lol.

ps - your tree made me go awww. lol.

Sara said...

Growing up, my family always got a real one, but I have since converted to a fake one. I admit, I'm a sell out :)

Katie said...
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Katie said...

Cassie - Jake is usually does a fair amount of the cleaning up...it's just such a hassle!
Although I'm sure fake trees are initially more of a hassle than I remember. However, you can get them any day of the week...we drove 10 minutes out to a tree farm yesterday just to find out they're only open on weekends :/