Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

So finally a Monday where I have something to blog about! Well at least Saturday morning and most of Sunday.

Friday - School. Work. Boring.

Saturday - We went to a tree farm and got our tree! 6.5 feet tall! It was a little chilly and Jake had to work by noon so we kind of rushed through it. But it was still fun. They had horses pulling wagons to take people out to the farms and back which I loved! Then I worked Saturday a little excitement but not a whole lot.

Sunday - Church. Whitney and her parents were gracious enough to open their home to the masses of college students and feed them afterwards. Jake and I made the mistake of heading to Target on our way out where we got some lotion (hello chapped hands! Another reason to dislike winter) and of course I had to get a coffee from Starbucks :) Well by the time we got to Whitney's, we were scraping the edges out of the chicken pot pie pans....haha. 2 9x13s of green beans, 3 9x13s of chicken pot pie, and a crock pot of soup all gone by the time we got there. But Whitney's dad went and got pizza. Jake and I were very thankful for their family that afternoon :) After hanging out with some friends and getting some lunch, we came back to our apartment and decorated the tree!
Nigel was obviously a big help

All decorated!

Family photo :) and Nigel's crazy eyes.

It makes me so happy to come home and see the tree! Although, our floor needs vacuumed something fierce. Which will be what I do when I get off of here. Anyway, then we headed over to Nick and Angie's apartment to decorate gingerbread (graham cracker) houses with them, Joel, and Amy! We stayed there all night decorating, playing games, chatting, was a lot of fun :) I love having couple friends to hang out with!

Our house!

Hard at work decorating :)

Their masterpiece :)

All in all, it was a successful weekend. Only one more left of the semester! Then things will die down around here a lot :( I am looking forward to a break though!

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