Friday, December 30, 2011

Confession Friday

I know I've been a bit of an absent blogger lately but I figured since it's the last Friday of the year I should do a confession friday :)

I confess that I have the biggest love/hate relationship with my job. I work in a restaurant and for the most part everyone there is awesome and I love it...however, the downsides are huge. As a host, I feel like no matter what I do someone is ticked off. Either customers are yelling and demanding certain things or servers are yelling about not being sat/being sat/still being there/whatever. There's one server in particular that came up last night dropping f-bombs because we were saving her bigger table for a party of 8 that was coming in. I'm sick of being everyone's stress relief through them yelling at me. It's just so disrespectful.

I confess that after all the yelling and demands of last night I came home, took a bubble bath while ranting to Jake, watched How I Met Your Mother, and ate half of a medium thin crust pepperoni and bacon pizza. It was delightful.

I confess that having free unlimited soda at work is affecting how my body looks already. We don't do scales in this house but I can see the extra pudge on my stomach and it's gotta go. Water with lemon only from now on!

I confess that I'm laying under the covers in our guest bedroom right now and Nigel is curled up under them with me. I love lazy winter break days :)

I confess that Jake and I are worse than little kids when it comes to Christmas. One of us would wrap a present for the other person while they were gone and once the recipient of the present saw it they would immediately ask "Can I open it now?" Needless to say, none of our presents made it until Christmas day.

I confess that I have been blessed beyond belief with the family that I have, whether it's immediate, in-laws, or extended family. SO blessed. And so glad we got to do 4 Christmases in 2 days :)

I confess that I haven't bitten my nails in probably the longest time I've ever gone and they're super long. Kind of annoying really. Especially when typing.....

I confess that I'm reading Heaven is for Real right now and I'm still kind of skeptical as to how legit it all is but it's making me so excited for heaven :) I want to believe it's real but I also don't want to take it all as truth and end up believing something that is false....but either way I cannot wait until the day when I am there. It's going to be so great :)

Any end of the year confessions from you all?!

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Beth said...

I confess it was really great to see you all Sunday :) How's that for a shocking, scandalous end of the year confession - lol.