Friday, November 11, 2011

Confession Friday

Long time, no blogging. I just have NOTHING interesting to blog about. But I figure I should try to keep up with this every once in a while.  So...the best I got is a confession friday.

I confess that I love the show New Girl. I laugh about every 30 seconds...although that may not be because it's funny. Apparently I laugh a lot.

I confess that I really just want to spend a day watching the Disney Princess classics. However, I have none. Boo :( Youtube time perhaps.

I confess that watching the leaves fall made me so happy the other day.  I was driving to class and there was a downpour of brown, yellow, orange, and red leaves all around my car in the middle of the road. I was in love.

I confess that I'm getting to be rather apathetic about school. Senioritis needs to go away for a few more months. It seems a little unacceptable this early on.

I confess that there are SIX couples in our sunday school class that are expecting. Jake and I are one of like three or four couples who do not have children and/or who are not expecting.'s making the baby fever come back in full swing. I just want a little warm baby to cuddle with :( that's too much to ask for I guess.

I confess that I've been craving gummy worms, suckers, gobstoppers, etc. a lot lately. And pizza. And fast food. Ughhhh. I'm avoiding lunch right now because I know my only options are a sandwich or leftover chili. Boo.  I'm really craving some taco bell or something.

I confess that Jake works a lot this weekend and my plans consist of a bunch of nothingness.  Which is kind of nice every once in awhile.

Ok my back hurts and my tummy is grumbling. Time to go scrounge I guess.


Adrien said...

I confess that OF COURSE ever since I decided to start eating healthier snacks all I want is McDonald's. Boo! I feel your pain...

Six couples?? Holy cow! Babies seem to come in spurts at our church, but I don't think we've ever had six couples expecting at once.

Cassie said...

i confess everytime i see the picture at the top of your blog i think of my wedding. ha, i swear the groomsmen wore the exact same color vests!

Katie said...

Adrien - Yes...SIX. And one is having twins. When Jake and I first got married and starting going to this sunday school class, everyone was pregnant...and it looks like it's that time again.

Cassie - That's too funny. It was from a wedding in May that Jake was an usher's such a pretty color!

lroth said...

When I get back, I will watch EVERY SINGLE DISNEY PRINCESS MOVIE IN EXISTENCE with you. You know I love those. Maybe a little too much. In any case, I think that's our next marathon of choice.

Also, I want to watch New Girl. The UK doesn't have it. Boo!

Miss you!