Monday, October 17, 2011

Highlights and Downsides

So...long time, no blog huh? It's been like a month...I honestly don't know if I can remember much of what happened in the past week let alone the last month but I'll try to wrap it up real quick.


- Going home 2 weekends in a row :)

- Angie's bridal shower

- Finding a place in town to get my hair cut so I can actually go get it trimmed when I'm supposed to instead of trying to squeeze in appointments when I'm home

- Angie came over and dyed my hair a few nights ago :) I love it

- Going home and getting cheesecake, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, green bean casserole, potato casserole, turkey, tons of leftovers to bring home. Jake and I have the best moms ever :) we so spoiled!

- Jake made a funny face one night while we were home and Pam (MIL) and I both said "What is your problem?" at the same time in the same tone of voice. This may be a downside to some of you but we all thought it was hilarious. Love my MIL :)

- Seeing how big Luna has gotten...and the fact that her favorite toy is a rock that she chews on. Luna is a dog...not a child...just to clarify.

- Seeing family!! I've missed them all so much.

- Going apple picking, getting pumpkins, and frozen custard. It was beautiful weather, too. Good memories were made :) and I'm making an apple crisp....or 7....sometime soon. We have apples galore.

- Jake and I may finally have some kind of plan for what we're doing once we graduate. I still pray about it a LOT but unless the Lord shuts those doors I think we know what we're going to do.  More on that when we have some finalized plans...they may shock all of you. And I'm not ready to deal with everyone's questioning and criticism again so...there.

- I got to take a super long way home a few weekends ago and I drove through my home town and past my 2 childhood houses.  Good memories but the changes I saw in both places always unsettles me. But then I realized how amazing it is that God is always the same and never changing. So comforting!


- When I go home I get zero homework done which leads to me being you can see I'm ignoring it all by blogging.

- Two of my classes next semester are at the same time and I need them both to graduate. I have one semester left....let me get out unscathed pleaseeeee.

- We aren't going home again until Thanksgiving :(

- My plans for after graduation may very well involve 2-4 more years of schooling....and I thought I was done :( Maybe I secretly enjoy school and being a student....then again...maybe not.

- I got really lightheaded this morning in aerobics and my heart was racing so she made me walk around the room while everyone else did circuit training until my pulse went back down to normal. Talk about embarrassing. I skipped my next class and just went home to start in on the homework.

- I have laundry to fold....which means I really need to get off here. Yay for having more highlights than downsides :)

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