Friday, September 9, 2011

Confession Friday

I have no lead up to this we'll just get to it. Haha.

I confess that I'm so sore. I had an aerobics class Wednesday morning and we did circuit training. I'm pretty sure she's trying to kill us. My abs and butt hurt so bad that I had to roll out of bed this morning (which still hurt) and I walk like I have a stick stuck up my butt because I can't walk normally. Ughhh.

I confess that my itunes is playing Third Day music and it's making me happy :)

I confess that I just looked over at Nigel absolutely passed out next to me on the couch and got a little jealous. Jake and I were talking the other night about how he has no worries, bills, or problems and the only thing that really sucked for him was no pizza in his diet.

I confess that I declared a 3-day weekend for myself. Having only one class on Fridays is already starting to be problematic.  When the time it takes me to drive there and back is almost as long as the class time itself, I'm not real motivated :/

I confess that I ate chips and salsa for dinner last night and then watched An Affair to Remember (add it to my list of favorite old movies!) while eating ice cream. In sweat pants. Typical girl move? Yes.

I confess that we've been able to have our windows and patio door open since Sunday and I'm LOVING it. I'm kind of cold right now which is amazing considering a week ago it was like 1249083409 degrees outside.

I confess that I already have like 6 baby names picked out. They change a little bit every once in a while but I'm sticking to them for the most we just need to get this school thing out of the way and find jobs so that there can be babies to name!

I confess that I made Jake another batch of rolo cookies Wednesday night at his request because of his bad day at work....and they are almost gone. Once Hanna gets here tonight (she's staying for the weekend!) I know they'll be gone for sure.

I confess that I need to vacuum the guest bedroom, read a little bit of homework, and work on my resource binder but instead I have 3 facebook tabs open and I'm blogging. Ohhhhhh the life of a college student.

Leave some of your confessions! Then I can read them and procrastinate some more!

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