Monday, November 28, 2011

Running, Winter, and Random Thoughts

So this is going to be a completely random post. Sorry. Last night, I was reminiscing about a lot of childhood memories, like my cousins teaching me how to ride a bike, going on fly hunts with my dad and sister, reading books with my mom, etc. and then I started going through my Christmas ornaments. Which led to me tearing apart my room to find old journals and things that I've forgotten about. I'm so nostalgic, it's ridiculous. And as I was going through this stuff I realized I'm missing a journal that we had to keep in my freshman year English class, which makes me sad because I feel like I've lost a lot of memories.  So I guess that made me feel guilty about not blogging as much and keeping my thoughts in a more permanent place than my head...all I can say is I hope my children as nostalgic reminiscers, too, because they're going to hate me if they aren't.

Random thought number 1: I have a giant love/hate relationship with running. I had to run a mile this morning for one of my classes to see if our time improved throughout the semester. I dreaded it. Some days running feels SO good and other days I'm pretty sure I'm dying. Today was a good day, thankfully. I dropped a minute and 43 seconds off my time throughout the semester which is pretty awesome considering I only ran 3 times in between. But I realized that running is the only thing that can make me feel good about myself while feeling so physically horrible.  I got done running and my legs felt fine and my breathing was fairly under control but my throat was SO dry and it felt like all the blood was pumping into my head and my fingers were all tingly. My stomach muscles felt like they were going to involuntarily contract and make me vomit even though I didn't feel nauseous. Gross. But running just makes you feel so good...especially when you drop time. It's weird.

Random thought number 2: Another love/hate relationship: WINTER. Today's weather was straight up NASTY. We've had rain, snow, and ice show up today. Sick. But I spent the evening inside with a blanket, my husband, hot chocolate topped with peppermint whipped cream, and some Christmas music. You can't spend an evening like that in just doesn't feel the same. So as much as I despise cold weather, it lets me have amazing nights like tonight. If only I never had to go out in the cold and snow.....

Random thought number 3: I'm really really ready for school to be done but I'm also really nervous about it. We have no idea where we're going, what we're going to do, if grad school is in the picture or not, when kids will enter the get the idea.  We are trying to follow God's plan for us and go where He's leading us but it's so hard to tell sometimes what's His plan and what's our own selfish plan. I just want a set path like in the board game Life. That'd be ok with me :) Plus I love that game.

Random thought number 4: Now that it's cold, our kitty is so much more cuddly.  He's been following me around the apartment all day just wanting to curl up with me under a blanket. So cute :)

Random thought number 5: Jake just put cinnamon rolls in the oven...and they smell delish. We're now debating what the best smells are that come from the kitchen. He says cinnamon rolls are in the top 5. I'm unsure about that.

That's all for now I guess. I'm ready for Christmas break to be here for surrrrrre.


Adrien said...

Cinnamon rolls are definitely top 5. ;)

I'm super nostalgic, too, and I only wish I could find all of the stuff I had written since childhood. When I do come across a random notebook or something I usually spend a lot of time laughing at myself. :)

Katie said...

Haha yeah most of the journals I can find are from like 7th grade. I was a dork...but it entertains me now :)