Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Baby is a.....

Little brother! 

We're so excited to be adding a little baby boy to the family :) And after about a week he finally has a name! Derek :) We named Adelyn the day we found out she was a girl so a week of debating  boy names gave me some serious mommy guilt. Sorry, Derek. As a second child, I'm sure it won't be the first time Adelyn gets one up on you.

21 weeks with Adelyn on the right and 21 weeks with Derek on the left.

 Speaking of big sister.....

When did she get SO big?! She actually likes ponytails now so we did a full one today for the first time. Holy big kid! Big girl with a big girl ponytail jumping on her big girl bed. She's so BIG! I can't get over it. She's talking SO much and repeating everything we say, which is cute and awful all at the same time :) She's singing a lot and memorizing songs and books left and right. She can pretty much recite Goodnight Moon for us now and Happy Birthday and the ABCs are some of her favorite songs to sing! I'm so excited to watch my baby girl become a big sister to my baby boy!

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