Tuesday, July 9, 2013

3 Months

Adelyn is 3 months old! I know everyone says how quickly it goes but I honestly can't believe she's already 3 months. That's a quarter of the way to being a year old. Which just makes it sound like it's going by so fast!

We haven't taken a 3 month photo today so I'll probably post this tomorrow once I have the photo but I felt like I should at least try to write it on her actual 3 month birthday :)

One of many pictures we took last night

Where to even begin. Adelyn, you are the sweetest baby. So content and happy. Everyone says how beautiful you are and what a good baby you are.

You spent your first night away from home 2 nights ago. You slept at Grandpa and Grandma's house (my parents) and you slept 11 hours straight for them...stinker. Although last night you slept for 10 hours straight after we woke you up from a 4 hour nap at 8pm. We had family functions Wednesday through Saturday so I guess all the activity really wore you out!

You're starting to push your chest up during tummy time. You're usually content to just lay there and smile at me and suck on your hands.

Speaking of your hands...they're like your new favorite thing. You are constantly trying to find your thumb to suck on it. You usually end up sucking your whole fist or your arm. You're always grabbing things lately too. You grab onto your clothes and pull them. You're starting to be able to grab the toys on your activity gym. Those tiny, chubby baby hands are always busy!

You love your daddy. You usually just stare at whatever is on the tshirt I'm wearing when we're home during the day but once daddy is home you only have eyes for him and you're all smiles. Such a daddy's girl!

You love being naked. You're happy as long as we're taking your clothes off. You start fussing and crying when we try to dress you.

You're getting much more vocal. You coo a lot and you're starting to find different pitches and volume levels. You're also starting to make a variety of sounds. It's so much fun to just listen to you express yourself :)

Daddy and I love you so much baby girl. We love watching you grow and learn and we're so proud of you. We thank God for blessing us with you!

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