Friday, August 2, 2013

Confession Friday - Mom Style

I've been wanting to do one of these for awhile but I can hardly ever remember that it's a Friday, let alone have time to sit and blog.

I confess I was looking at pictures of Adelyn from when she first came did my tiny little baby get so big already?!

Adelyn at 1 week

Adelyn at 16 weeks...what happened?!

I confess that the other day I got spit up on and a wet diaper leaked out on my shirt and I realized 2 hours later that I still hadn't gone and changed my clothes...pre-mommy me would have been disgusted with myself.

I confess that less than a year ago I didn't know what EBF meant. I also didn't know what sleep training was. I didn't know what milestones to look for in a 1 month, 2 month, or 4 month old baby. I didn't know that immunizations are more traumatizing for the parent than the baby. One little human sure makes a lot of changes in life.

I confess that I get way too easily frustrated when Adelyn is being difficult to go down for bed or wakes up only 30 minutes after going down for a nap. However, hearing those high pitched breathy noises on the monitor that let me know she's finally asleep or seeing her smile light up her whole body (literally when I go in to get her after a nap she smiles and her whole body jolts with excitement) make all the frustration melt away. It continually amazes me that this tiny baby can be so much work and frustrate me to no end but at the same time she manages to steal every ounce of love out my heart. So cheesy. So true. There's nothing like being a mother.

I confess that somehow Adelyn managed to pull just one hair completely out of my head today. And it really hurt. 

I confess that switching to formula has taken away a lot of stress and sleepless nights from our family....however, formula is messy and I'm not a fan. You win some, you lose some.

I confess that I'm so excited to watch Adelyn continue to discover the world around her. I'm excited to see her learn to roll over, crawl, walk, talk, start school, make friends, play sports, etc. Every stage just seems so exciting and fun!

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