Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2nd Anniversary

So long time no post...but about a week ago Jake and I celebrated our anniversary in a VERY memorable way so I thought I should blog about it. Last Monday, my wonderful husband decided that if he could get the night off of work we were going to go on an "adventure" for our anniversary the next day.  However, he had to be at work by 1pm on Wednesday so we didn't have much time.  He got the night off and rushed me out the door with luggage in hand. I finally convinced him to tell me where we were going (the airport) and guessed my way around until I figured it out. He was taking me to Harry Potter World in Universal Studios!  So we got on a delayed (thankfully) flight to Tampa that night! If it hadn't been delayed we wouldn't have made it. We got in to Tampa around 1am and drove to Orlando and pulled in around 3am. I NEVER do spontaneous things like this and I'm SUCH a planner. I was taking everything in stride until we couldn't find a hotel with someone at the front desk of any hotel at 3:30 in the morning in Orlando. We finally found a hotel and got about 5 hours of sleep and we were off!

It was such an amazing experience! We didn't do a whole bunch in Orlando because it was pouring rain every half hour and somehow the park was still SUPER crowded. We did go on a few rides and ate lunch in The Three Broomsticks and got some butterbeer. We also went to an outlet mall on our way back to Tampa that night and I got a True Religion jacket that was originally $200 for $30. We need an outlet mall like that around here!

We ended up staying at the hotel in Tampa's airport on our anniversary and had a romantic meal at Five Guys since Jake had never had it before! So lowkey and fun :) We were flying out of Tampa by 6am Wednesday morning and were back home by noon! It was spontaneous and crazy but I'm so glad we did it! And of course what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't have pictures?!

Entrance to the park!

We pretty much look photoshopped but I promise it's real and we were there!

The paintings talked :)

While waiting for food, my husband pointed out that the guy behind us had obviously just washed his shoes recently...all the rain made them foamy!

We got to watch the sunrise from above the clouds on the way home :)

So there you have it! An anniversary we're sure to remember for a long time :) And of course Happy 4th of July to everyone! I'm spending it with my sister who's in town for a few days!


pam said...

what a great anniversary memory topped off with custom seating to watch the sunrise in the clouds!!!

Cassie said...

awwww how awesome is that.
yay for breaking out of your shell.
however i totally would have lost it too finding NO hotel. lol. ptl you did.

yay and happy anniversary!! many more!

Beth said...

Jake sounds like a keeper to me :)

Katie said...

Thanks everyone :) It was definitely a growing experience for me but as Jake said "We'll have a great story to tell our kids, one day" :)

Adrien said...

I love that! Spontaneous trips are the best! And one that involves airplanes AND Harry Potter? He's going to have a hard time topping that one. :)

Mary Cavalier said...

Much more romantic than the first anniversary - altho hard to top the tissue paper flowers :-)

Beth said...

I tagged you in my most recent post!