Thursday, August 2, 2012


So I was tagged by Beth to tell you all 11 random facts about myself and answer 11 random questions.  I'm also supposed to tag 11 people to do the same but I'm clearly a little late at jumping on the bandwagon and almost everyone I follow has done this already....soooo here goes:

11 Random Facts
1. I hate giving random facts about myself. I know I have my quirks but they obviously don't seem quirky to me so I have a hard time thinking of things...
2. I hate working out. The only working out I've found that I like is fitness classes and I'm broke as a joke so I'm not paying 60 bucks a month to go embarrass myself in Zumba. Sigh...
3. The older I get, the closer I get with my family. Every time we go home for a visit, it gets harder and harder to come back and be content with where we live.
4. I want a lot of kids. My mind may change once I have one of my own but right now I want like 5. And I have tons of baby names picked out long as the 12340981 women around me having babies don't use them then we're good to go.
5. I made some homemade guacamole yesterday and it's seriously the best thing ever (these are sooo lame....)
6. I am not an outdoorsy person. As much as I try and want to be, I'm just not. Nature is not my friend. I think it's pretty but I like to look at it from inside.
7. I have the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful husband. It's a fact.
8. I just found a bug crawling up my arm at work. My arm tickled and I thought a piece of hair had fallen out of my head and landed on my arm because I shed like crazy...nope it was a bug. I flicked it onto the floor and took a picture. Jake informed me that it look like a tick. What the french toast. I'm itchy everywhere now.
9. Uh...I'm still really freaked about that bug. Let's see....I love everything about Christmas. Christmas music, Christmas movies, decorating the tree, baking cookies, making Christmas lists (I may work on my year round...), opening presents, giving presents. I love it all!
10. I hope my kids are smart and athletic. I was really good at school but have no coordination or athletic ability whatsoever. It's depressing.
11. I'm way too attached to my phone. I have the most random, stupid, pointless apps, yet they take up a lot of my free time. That's a bad habit that I want to break.

Woo...that was difficult...and those are kind of lame. Lo siento.

Now for the questions:

1. Who's your BFF?
Well my husband is my absolute BFF but Hannah is my best girl friend. I don't know where I'd be without her.

2. What were you like in High School?
Too dramatic probably. I thought I was super mature but I had a lot of growing up to do (and I still do). I think I was fun though. A loyal friend, dedicated, smart, and mature for my age....just not as mature as I thought I was.

3. Any pets?
I have a cute little puppy and a cat :)

4. What's one website you check daily? email. Facebook. My work schedule...buhh.

5. Your best restaurant horror story.
I work in a restaurant...every day is a horror story but from the worker's point of view. You don't even want to hear about it...

6. Your favorite cartoon you used to watch growing up.
Mmm...I loved Rugrats. And The Animaniacs. :)

7. If you could excel at one thing, what would it be?
Hm...that's a really good question. I wish I was more outgoing and social. I love my alone time and just don't do super well in social settings. Jake is AWESOME at having super meaningful conversations with random people. He's also good at having deep, meaningful conversations about life and spiritual things with people and that's just NOT something I'm gifted at. I wish I was, though.

8. What has been your favorite birthday?
This last birthday was really good. I think my 7th? birthday was one where I had a dress up party and it was really fun. I kinda gave up on birthdays for awhile because the weather was always bad when I was a little kid, and then things just got too dramatic in high school, and it was always right around finals in college. Maybe now that I'm an "adult" they will get better.

9. How long do you take in the shower?
15-20ish minutes. And about 10-15 more to get ready after I'm out.

10. Your favorite TV show, current or past.
Oh gosh. I have a LOT (thanks, Netflix). I watch way too much reality tv. The Kardashians, The Hills/Laguna Beach, and Giuliana and Bill are my faves of reality tv. Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Pretty Little Liars, and One Tree Hill are some of my faves with actual actors. I love a lot of different shows though :/ kind of

11. What's your favorite event to watch during these Summer Olympics?
I LOVE gymnastics. I took tumbling when I was little and I wish I would have stuck with it. Since meeting Jake, I've learned to love watching the running, as well. Unfortunately, we don't get NBC on our little flat antenna that gets us like 4 channels so I only got to watch a little bit of the Mens' Gymnastics when I was at work the other night. I love it all though!

So there you you know some useless information about me :)

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Glad the quacamole turned out well. :-)