Monday, May 28, 2012

New Addition to the Family :)

No, no it's not a baby ;) For those of you on facebook you have probably seen the shameless number of photos that I've put up of this new addition....our puppy Trip!

He's a cutie :)

We've had him for 2 weeks today....I know, I've been slacking as a blogger! I finally have something to write about and I wait 2 weeks to do it. He's almost like having a furry, barking baby.  He wakes up several times in the middle of the night. He cries (whines, barks) when he wakes up and can't see us.  He's so affectionate and needy and cute. He's a red heeler mix and they think he'll be about 40-50 pounds. Homeboy has pretty much doubled in size since we got we need a house with a yard pronto!

Car ride home after a long weekend

We went to the parents' house this weekend for a wedding/the long weekend and he played with Jake's family's dog all weekend and he is POOPED! We cuddled in the backseat the whole ride back home.  Nigel even joined us towards the end.  He's a lovable little guy....I'm just worried that our neighbors don't love him quite as much as we do :)