Thursday, August 25, 2011

School Blues

Ok so it's not really that bad...I just couldn't think of a title for this post.  I figured I should post some kind of school update since I'm such a boring blogger lately and school is about the only thing interesting that I have going right now...besides Nigel bahaha.

I'm taking 13 hours this semester consisting of aerobics, adult life skills, a practicum at an adult day care for adults with developmental disabilities, family and community resource class, and child welfare.  Surprisingly, aerobics is going to be the hardest from what I've heard/experienced.  I usually do not sweat except for my armpits...I've never been a face, leg, chest, back sweater.  Yesterday in aerobics we were just doing some testing to see where we were at so that she can grade us on improvement. Holy. Cow. Between that class and then hiking for 10 minutes all around campus in the ridiculous heat and up 4 flights of stairs, it's needless to say I was dripping by my next class. Ewww.  Fortunately, it wasn't stinky sweat...from what I could tell at least...too much info?  I'm looking forward to getting in shape for the first time since high school, though!  Yesterday, I also went to an abs and butt class and the yoga group fitness classes at the rec.  Jake met up with me after those classes and we ran half a mile.  I'm trying to get up to jogging a mile without stopping before we have to do it in aerobics on Monday....we'll see....

My other classes don't seem terrible.  The community resources class is going to be a LOT of work.  We have to do all these different assignments finding types of community resources and then by the end of semester we have to turn in a binder with 200 different agencies that could be resources for our clients when we graduate. Buhhhh.

I also have child welfare with a teacher I had last semester and I'm dreading it.  She doesn't allow excused all. And I'm just leaving it there.  I just typed out a whole rant and then deleted it...not worth getting all worked up over again.  Basically I spent all night in the ER and had a note from a doctor saying do NOT go to class or work for 2 days and she still wouldn't let me make up anything.  She told us even if our grandma dies or we're in the hospital, we can't make up anything we miss.  So I'm kind of dreading having her once a week for a 3 hour long class.  If I miss one day, I miss an entire week's worth of stuff...hope I don't get sick at all....

Between classes, homework, working out, and trying to stay on top of keeping this apartment clean, it's going to be a busy semester.  Busy is good makes it go by more quickly.  9 months from now I'll be a graduate for all of about 2 weeks! Eeeeep!

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