Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My baby is ONE!

Yesterday was a fun filled day of birthday festivities for Adelyn! I wanted to write it all down and give her a blog birthday shout out...but it will have to be a quick one because she's refusing to nap this morning even though she was completely passed out when I laid her in her's always something.

Anywho...yesterday started out like this
My mom sent me this idea on pinterest.
She LOVED it! Which is good because I tried putting her in there with them again later and she sobbed until I picked her up.

This was quickly followed by cupcake eating and a horribly out of tune rendition of Happy husband and I are NOT singers, y' no one will be watching our home videos :)

When my husband was growing up, they always got hostess cupcakes for breakfast on their birthday so he brought some home the night before so Adelyn could experience the tradition :)

She caught on quickly....

She napped. Woke up and we got some pictures for her monthly photos before leaving to see her grandparents!

These photos...this was the most difficult one yet.
If she wasn't constantly trying to climb off the couch....

...she was sitting in the most un-ladylike positions ever or....

...doing her big cheesy grin.

We finally managed to get one that seemed acceptable so I quit while I was (semi) ahead.

After that we went and visited Jake's mom at her work, then Jake's dad and sister, Hanna, at their house. 
Then we went to my parents' house, ate dinner, ate cupcakes, then grandpa rocked her to sleep. She woke up right as my mom and I were starting our family book club discussion via google+ so Adelyn got to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Aunt Bekah.
We came home and daddy put her to bed!

All in all, it was a fun day! It involved multiple servings of could it really be a bad day?

Now for the mushy, cliche stuff...I can NOT believe my baby is ONE! A toddler. Soon to be walking. And then talking. And then back sassing...haha.
In all seriousness, Adelyn, this first year of parenting has been a challenge. I've grown and developed as a person so much over the past year and I have you (and God) to thank for that. We have our ups and downs (which mostly correlate to how well you nap...haha) but I wouldn't trade it for the world.
I'm so proud to be your mom. I'm so happy I get to spend each and every day with you, watching you learn and grow and develop.
I'm so excited to spend many many more years watching you enter many new stages of life!
Just don't grow up too fast :)
I love you to the moon and back, sweet girl!

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Adrien said...

Aw, she is adorable! I love the hostess cupcake tradition, haha. :D Happy Birthday, Adelyn!